Top 9 Toy Animal Sewing Patterns

Toy Animal Sewing Patterns Page Updated June 2020 ::

This fun article is for critters to make from fabric or felt. With friends who have little babies, I have been looking into ‘sewing for baby’ – ideas. One of the things on my list is to design some quilted toy animals. To get my creative juices going, I have been scouring around at what’s out there already that is really awesome. So here are my top 9 Sewing and Quilting Patterns for Amazing Toy Animals.

Which is your favorite?

Soft Toy Patterns Update – June 10 2020

The toy animal sewing patterns, that I have shown previously, are no longer on the Bluprint website for sales. I am creating new patterns for you. So stay tuned and check back frequently, as I will progressively update this post with the most adorable new creatures to sew!

1. New Rhino Plush Toy Sewing Pattern

It’s here, the new Rhinoceros Stuffed Animal Sewing Pattern. Cuter-than-cute!!

I feel I just obtained a Phd in pattern-design while making this rhino. Now armed with all this pattern making knowledge, the other animals should be really easy to design for you.

2. Plush Whale Stuffed Animal Pattern

Plush Whale Toy Sewing Pattern 

TIP: I saw this complementary sound box for the baby room which I thought was a great baby shower gift to match your home made plush toy. — Just a thought…

3. Toy Giraffe Quilting Pattern

A replacement animal sewing pattern for a super cute giraffe like this is next on my list!

Giraffe Plush Toy Sewing Pattern

4. Flamingo Stuffed Animal Pattern

5. Spider Plush Pattern (free)

Nak machine – Bug Plush Toy Sewing Pattern 

6. Fox Plush Pattern and Tutorial

Fox  Plush Toy Sewing Pattern (Chebeto) 

7. Quilted Toy Snake Pattern

Snake  Scrap Toy Sewing Pattern

8. Quilted Toy Snail Sewing Pattern

Snail Plush Toy Sewing Pattern (Delilah Iris Designs)

9. Plush toy pattern Chameleon Soft Toy PDF

Chameleon  Plush Toy Sewing Pattern.

Please give me a couple of weeks and you will find these patterns here again, even cuter and easier than ever!

Here is the first new pattern (June 2020):

Scott Dog Plush Toy Free Sewing Pattern

Pattern free download: Scottie Toy Dog Free Sewing Pattern

Filling for your Toy Animal Sewing Pattern

You all know I am a great fan of recycling, reusing, upcycling and not creating any waste or extra plastics on the planet. So, a couple of things on that for these toy animal sewing patterns:

  • Toys can often be made from remnants. I did for the pink rhino. So, be sure to go through your fabric stash before buying new fabric, yarn, embroidery floss. You probably have all you need already at home.

  • The ‘serious’ stuffed toy makers use ‘proper’ filling for the stuffing. I personally stuffed mine with organic ‘waste’ fleece that I took off the fences where sheep graze, on my walks through the fields. Wool is excellent stuff for stuffing into little spaces and makes for a natural, very soft toy.
  • I realise that not everyone lives near sheep like I do. So, the next best thing for you is to consider buying organic raw fleece, which is a cheaper than poly fill and way better for the environment. And wool lasts for centuries! Thus, so will your creations!

So, get this:

At the time of this writing, it’s $9.95 for a whole pound!

(Originally posted Feb 2015)

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  • Ah their all so cute! But the rhino and giraffe are still my favorite. You do beautiful work.

  • These are all sooooo cute, but I especially like the giraffe!! I'm pinning it, and thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!

  • Oh my, these are adorable! Love it. Thank you for gathering and sharing on Snickerdoodle. Pinned and hope to see you again soon!

  • These are so CUTE!! I might attempt one (as soon as my sewing machine is fixed) because I am not the best sewer. I'm between a beginner and intermediate. I would love if you shared this at Totally Terrific Tuesday that goes live tonight at 9pm CST. I hope to see you there and see what else you got!


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