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How to Make a Spring Mantel that Pops!

Hi ya all! Another week gone. Time just flies! I have been making a thousand things, and having my sister in law over… well, I’ve been busy. (Also: we’ve put on a free quilting course, by Janeen van Niekerk. Take advantage of this course, because I can see it become a paid course one day. Her flowers & animal quilts are so beautiful. She will go very far with this. )


Today’s Feature: How to Create a Spring Mantel

For today’s linky party, I would like to feature Diane from An Extra-ordinary Day. She created this wonderful white and bright Spring mantel. It is just so happy.

Spring Mantel Howto by Extraordinary Day, Featured at FineCraftGuild.com

Why this mantel works so incredibly well:

  1. Repetition of color: the lovely color combination of powder blue, reds and greens are repeated over and over.
  2. Repetition of shapes: the garland of circles is reinforced by the round shapes on the mantel, and the round shapes of the tulips
  3. Symmetry & Balance: Left and right is exactly even, albeit not the same. Brilliant. The balance top/bottom also works. The pictures are not too high nor too heavy.  The garland creates a third layer of visual interest.
  4. White space: white mantel + white backgrounds in the garland + white vases + white frames and white backgrounds in the prints…. all that white makes the colors  POP!
  5. Modern style elements: this mantel tells a story. It has visual interesting woodworking going on. That plus the vases give a sense of vintage and timelessness. Meanwhile, the garland is ultra-modern, lifting the whole display to … beautifully modern!

That’s how you design a GREAT mantel. You can see why I am featuring Diane this week, right? It’s an inspirational link-up: Simple White Mantel for Spring.


Perhaps because of colors,
I thought to show you these gorgeous crochet picture frames


Linky Party

And now, it’s over to you. Show us what you have been working on this week/ this month / lately / whenever? Anything to share? Tutorials are most welcome. OK. Now, link, link, link!


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