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Today, it’s full on. I have some fabulous features to show you from last week’s link up party. Amazing Halloween costumes, face painting and more. Then, a ton of recipes and last but not least, we have our lanky party and LOVE TO SEE your work in it. Some read on, and link up.

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Today’s Linky Party Features

Girl Halloween Witch Costume

Cutest Girls Halloween Witch Costume :: Featured at FineCraftGuild.com

Super-pretty, super-fun girls Halloween witch costume. Takes an hour to prepare. Well, that is just amazing!!! She looks superstar fancy, this young Halloween witch!

By Sews n Bows (https://www.sewsnbows.com/one-hour-wicked-witch-costume/)


Zombie Makeup :: Halloween Face-painting for Boys

halloween zombie kids facepainting

This is really gross-looking. So gross in fact, boys will love this kind of face-painting! Who wants to be a zombie for Halloween? This kind of Halloween face painting / make up is in fact an instant Halloween costume. Whatever you wear with this kind of face painting, it will be just fine!

By Grandma’s Attic (https://grandmaagnesattic.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/how-to-make-your-little.html)


Cool Crafts for Kids: Halloween Garland

Halloween garland

Ok. These two costumes are fab for older kids. Here’s something for little kids. Making a Halloween garland with pumpkins, bats, spiders and ghosts is a fun toddler Halloween crafts, in which older kids might like to participate also!  Great Halloween crafts to get everyone in the house involved in prepping for Halloween.

By Hill House Homestead


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Sour Cream Cookies w Candied Pecans

sour cream cookies :: cookie recipes :: finecraftguild.com

By https://www.thatsmyhome.com/hannahs/moms-sour-cream-cookies-with-candied-pecans-and-dont-mess-with-mom/)

When you are done getting the kids into their Halloween costumes, and done making Halloween cupcakes and other Halloween party food, keep that oven warm and make a batch of these sour cream cookies with candied pecans. Enjoy with a cup of tea. (try my homemade relax tea recipe.) You deserve it!

20 Crockpot Recipes

What’s for dinner on Halloween’s eve? Here are some slow-cooker ideas for you. Make it the night before even, so that even when you are going out trick-or-treating, and / or have a party to go to, at least all in the family have something wholesome in their tummies first. Just an idea for you…

crockpot recipes

These recipes for main meals made in a crockpot are really diverse, and dare I say, there are quite a few healthy recipes among them. So, go check this out. Unlike the title of the post suggest, the recipes are free.

By Second Chance to Dream


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5 Fabulous Ideas for You.

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