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Can anyone guess where this is going?

Can anyone guess where this is going? It's one of my first experiments with free-form crochet, but certainly not my first creation with crochet

How to Crochet a Rag Rug

Let me show you how to make a rag rug with crochet - easy pattern for a Modern Rag Rug that uses up all your old rags. Now that we are in

Is Insul Bright Safe for a Face Mask?

Reader Michelle just asked me today: "Is Insul Bright safe to make a face mask out of, like if I were to put it in the middle as a filter?" Great

Crochet Braid Puff Stitch Tutorial

In today's Crochet Braid Puff Stitch Tutorial, you will learn something new, i.e. to create this gorgeous braided look with crochet! You could

Summer Crochet Hat Design

I can't help myself. With this gorgeous weather in the UK and me alternating between playing with the flowers in my garden and creating a new summer

Easy Rock Painting Ideas

OK. Coronavirus. Home all day. Only so much knitting and crochet you can do in a day before your fingers hurt. Let's do something else for a change.

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