DIY Leather Heart

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My Favorite reader submission from last week’s craft party was this fabulous DiY leather heart. Made and designed by Mette from MonsterCircus, whose style I absolutely adore.

# 1. Leather Heart

By Monster Circus

This miss behind monster circus is Danish with a style truly of her own.  Look what she has fabricated today. Cut a cord of leather, fold and glue. Punch a bunch of holes and string through a military style bullet chain and voila, you have a Valentine gift that’s stunning. A leather heart necklace.

Mette’s 10 min DIY Valentine’s Gift

Photo credit: Mette, MonsterCircus

See, it’s really easy to make. But… could you have thought of that??! Well, not me. But Mette did. She’s great. OK. Maybe  you have thought of and created something equally great. In that case, I’d love to see what you have made too!

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