Happy Thanksgiving 2020


Ogh, my dears, what a year it has been. In fact, full of ‘bene’, or goodness in Italian. I learned a new language, got lots of new certifications at work, enjoyed learning growing veggies in my garden, read a book, and designed a few new knitting patterns. And I’m sure you, too, have a list of good things that happened this year, despite … the drama!!!

Shared adversary brings people together on the most authentic level. And actually, having more authentic relationships with more people is something that I really value now more than ever.

So, on that note: let’s also be real: I know for some of you life has been hard. Terribly so. At Thanksgiving 2020, many of us cannot be with all our loved ones, but hopefully still with some. However, some of us will never be again with that special loved ones who passed to the beyond due to Covid. And I’m sorry for any or all of your losses you may be enduring.

I want you to know, I cherish you and wrap you in a blanket of love, via this virtual hug.

A warm virtual hug for you, my reader!

Hopefully, hopefully, you can still find a spot in your heart that’s filled with something, however small, to be still thankful for. Because it is that energy, that joy, that brings on more of that good stuff. And you deserve this.

Lucky other ones like me, have just only lived in isolation since February, but have not lost anyone permanently. And, I did manage to call our butcher and get a local turkey delivered to us. So, despite eating mostly vegetarian these days, tomorrow, we’ll enjoy an old fashioned feast.

Are you able to celebrate today?

Over the past 15 years or so that FineCraftGuild existed, I collected ’00s of ideas to make your Thanksgiving filled with endless joy:

Just pick one of them, at random, and enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving.