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Hi guys. I realize that upon completion of this week’s Domino quilt block pattern we will have reached the 2/3 completion point of our 9-block Fall quilt sampler. Whoohooo. How’s it going for you? Today’s quilt block design is called a Domino. Lovely and colorful, it’s fairly easy and quick to sew.


Does your Fall quilt sampler start to look anything like this. Here how our Fall quilt sampler is coming together. A beautiful quilt pattern indeed!!


Domino Quilt Block Pattern 6


The bottom –right one is the quilt pattern we are going to work on today.


Halloween Table Runner w Janeen’s Paper Piecing Patterns

Before we get into learning how to make that quilt pattern, I want to highlight some other quilting patterns that might interest you.  Janeen van Niekerk, your beloved quilting instructor here at the Fine Craft Guild, has developed an array of darling paper piecing quilt block designs for the Fall season. They are nodding to celebrating both Halloween and Thanksgiving.   Paper piecing  is a freedom version of the  traditional quilting with its classic perfect blocks and lines.   Hop on over to have a look. I have combined 6 of her paper piecing designs into a lovely table runner quilt pattern.  




As well, besides all the other free quilting workshops for beginners with classic patterns, you can find more info about Janeen’s paper piecing designs in general after this free tutorial.


Free Domino Quilt Block Pattern + Workshop

Tips for Beginners

Sampler Quilt Week 6

Domino Quilt Block Pattern A



Domino Block

Don’t ask me where blocks get their names. I really don’t know. This one probably has that name because of the diagonally mirrored effect. When I was looking at it, it reminded me more of a garden pathway because if you continued and made four connecting blocks, the corners would have a flower and the white blocks look like the stones laid out in a garden.


The Plan (Photo B)

This block is really easy to understand and put together. There is only an AB & C blocks. The whole block is divided into 4 quarters and each opposite corner is a mirrored image.


Domino Quilt Block Pattern B


Quilting Fabric Needed for a Domino Quilt Block Pattern

We need 5 colors for this block.


How to Cut your Quilt Fabric


Domino Quilt Block Pattern 1

For the A Blocks:

Color A – Orange (Corners) – 2 squares measuring 2 1/8” (5.4 cm)

Color B – Darker Orange or Red – 4 squares measuring 2 1/8”

Color C – Yellow – 6 squares measuring 2 1/8”

Color D – White – 2 squares measuring 2 1/8”

Color E – Brown – 2 squares measuring 2 1/8”


For the B Blocks:

All the B’s are in Color E – Brown – 6 rectangles measuring 3 7/8” x 2 1/8”


For the C Blocks:

Both are in Color D – White – 2 squares measuring 3 7/8” x 3 7/8”



Sewing Instructions for the Domino Quilt Block Pattern

Lay out your squares according to the plan.


Make each quarter of the bigger block first. (Photo 2 & 3)

Domino Quilt Block Pattern 2





Work in rows and press the seams to the darker side and in opposite directions for easy joining. (Photo 4)


Free Domino Quilt Block Pattern + Workshop :: Janeen van Niekerk ::


Once you have 4 quarters, sew the two top quarters together and then join the top and bottom pieces. (Photo 5)

Free Domino Quilt Block Pattern + Workshop :: Janeen van Niekerk ::


We have now completed 2 rows. (Photo 6)


Free Domino Quilt Block Pattern + Workshop :: Janeen van Niekerk ::



Hope you enjoyed this free quilting workshop.

Till next week!


Janeen van Niekerk

Janeen van Niekerk,  free sampler quilt workshop :: 
Janeen van Niekerk, Quilting Instructor
Quilt Art Design

About Quilting Instructor Janeen van Niekerk

….  and her unique quilting and paper piecing patterns

how to make a quilt patterns janeen van niekerk


Quilt artist Janeen van Niekerk is an avid quilter. In particular, she’s an accomplished paper piecing designer. She does it all with a passion.  Our latest news of quilt making instructor Janeen van Niekerk is that she has just launched a brand new paper piecing magazine.

Janeen’s prolific range of hand-made quilts (she takes commissions for personalized, stylish portrait quilts), as well as her unique quilt patterns (think quilts featuring safari animals and trees, or kids toys) are inspired by her environs; she lives in sunny Pretoria in South Africa, with her husband and kids.

To her friends and quilting students, Janeen recommends a simple Janome Sewing Machine. For example, the Janome 8077 is a great buy !

Janeen offers her quilts designs & paper piecing patterns for individual sale Out of Janeen’s 230+ quilt patterns for sale, these are my top 5 Paper Piecing Quilt Patterns, Animals and Flowers. All really beautiful!!

Janeen van Niekerk (spelled by some as Janine van Niekerk) is also part of the Free Block of the Month -club, offering a free paper piecing quilt block pattern, each month. Check it out here:

FREE Block of the Month class at


Quilting Pattern Library & Other Training Coursespurple quilts, owl quilt

eagle_quilt_block_paper_pieThis gorgeous owl quilt pattern is both included in one of Janeen’s books as well as being available for individual sale. Don’t you just love this quilt design? This owl quilt pattern has been one of my favorite animal quilt patterns.

However, my latest crush is on her awe-inspiring eagle quilt pattern. See close-up picture here. This majestic eagle mini quilt is one quilt block. It is part of Janeen’s beautiful birds – themed blocks, most of which you can find on my animal quilt patterns page. While this eagle pattern is really easy to put together, it is meant for an intermediate level paper-piecing quilter.

And then, there’s Janeen’s pelican paper piecing pattern which I have been eyeing for a long time…Be sure to check out the pelican quilt pattern too…


Which is your favorite paper piecing pattern?

 Craftsy The eagle, owl, pelican, and all Janeen’s other patterns are for sale here at Craftsy.   BTW. Crafty also has other quilting, sewing and other craft workshops, which I encourage you to check out, by clicking either this Craftsy image below, or the link above.



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