Easy Rock Painting Ideas


OK. Coronavirus. Home all day. Only so much knitting and crochet you can do in a day before your fingers hurt. Let’s do something else for a change. OK? Here are some easy rock painting ideas to pass time.

Rocks as Acts of Kindness

And to create uplifting messages or fun icons for passersby your front lawn, to give to self-isolating neighbours, or to leave in a public park where people who are self-isolating can go for a short walk to get some fresh air. Your heartwarming, uplifting messages will touching anything but hearts.

So, if you like the idea of painting rocks but have only so much space in your home, paint rocks for the benefit of others. Once your rocks painted and sealed, set them in a public areas to spread goodwill.  Every random act of kindness, and each of your small rocks can help people in your neighbourhood to connect and make a wonderful difference.

Easy Rock Painting Ideas – Inspirational

Painted rocks with sayings

Mandala Rock Painting

Rock painting artist, Elsepeth, reminds us that  “Magical things happen when you let yourself be guided by intuition, inspiration, and joy“. So, I recommend that you learn to draw and paint your own. Have a go and see where it gets you.

Here’s a free tutorial to get started with mandala rock painting: learn how to draw a mandala. Start with a few of them on paper. Then, as you learn how mandalas unfold themselves, move onto rocks.

A note on paining (I am a painter, after all): White makes all the colors pop, so that’s why these mandalas in the above image by Elsepeth look so amazing. Go add some white dots to yours if they don’t look amazing yet.

Easy Animal Rock Painting Ideas – with Whimsy

These all make great paperweights and … are an easy DIY mothers day gift idea as well.

The Kindness Rocks Project

Need more inspiration,? Listen to the origins of this caring rock project, then get going: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TK8iHsDXGvQ

Be a messenger of hope!

Lovely DIY Hand-painted Rocks

Not ready yet to inspire others? How about you make something for YOU instead? You’re allowed.

Rock Painting Tips and Tools

What’ you’ll need besides some plain ordinary acrylics paint for the basis, are pens and markets

  • Posca Paint Pens!!! These are the top of the line and thus cost a bit more. What’s so special about a Posca pen? It’s a pen with an extra-fine point. As a result, it gives you that smooth, paint-like effect. Works on all kinds of surfaces, not just rocks — on glass as well.

Other kinds of paint or pens you can use for your rock paintings include:

And of course, good old Sharpie Markers!!! You have those. So, don’t delay, let’s paint rocks! Start today.