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Let me introduce FineCraftGuild.

Mission Statement

FineCraftGuild caters to modern makers: crafters, DIY-ers, hobbyists, handymen & -women. With our site as their to-go-to resource for howto’s, tutorials and patterns, our readers and their family learn how to easily elevate their everyday world to a trendy, green & beautiful experience.

Fine Craft Guild mission statement

As a trailblazer, FineCraftGuild demonstrates that living green is not a challenge to living well. By offering simple and economical DIY solutions, FineCraftGuild makes trendy & stylish green living practical and fun.

FineCraftGuild showcases DIY & CRAFT projects and makers that inspire, in 7-themed areas:

  1. KNITTING/CROCHET: a sub-category of the crafts on this site that we are actively building to become the main site focus.
  2. DIY HOME DECORATING: beautiful decorating, furniture and home renovating DIY projects that use recycled materials as their main ingredient. Organizing and space-saving intentions are a must for all our readers. Area of focus: bedrooms, plus areas that need organization and/or beautification on a budget. Specialties: DIY meditation pillows and handmade rug patterns.
  3. CRAFTS: recycled crafts for cool kids and kids paper crafts w/ free downloads; Cozy patterns for coffee cups, tea pots & more; and crochet flower patterns to embellish just about anything.
  4. ECO-GARDENING & OUTDOORS: green living means recycled use of materials in gardening and garden decor, ranging from discarded pallets to recycled bottles. Trendy ways to decorate with reclaimed materials are balanced with advice of which plants grow best in what pot.
  5. DIY STYLE & BEAUTY: easy sewing, knitting and crochet patterns and tutorials for women s clothing that involve upcycling & other trendy choice of materials; Beautiful bags patterns to sew, knit, quilt or crochet; Recycled, handmade jewellery designs with zippers and other materials; and Designer-inspired ideas you can make on a small budget.
  6. CELEBRATE: Whimsical birthday cakes for families with kids, are mixed in with easy recipes for healthy holiday celebrations.

Through its simplified creative process, FineCraftGuild transforms and inspires thousand little actions of change for good. We aim to build a creative green community. With enthusiasm, FinecraftGuild engages readers in their creative roles through all digital media channels: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, email newsletters and its mobile-responsive website.


Readers & Advertising Opportunities

Our readers are women who pursue creative projects. They have an eye for the beautiful, unique and trendy. Many are moms with busy schedules. They need projects to be easy, instant, value-for-money, … and eco-friendly.

Collectively, our readers read about 2.2 million pages/year on our site. (2016: about 5K visitors/day). Readers read about 2 pages and stayed almost 3 full minutes on the site during each visit. We are a PR3. We have been featured and quoted in a long list of publications and blogs, including the Huffington Post, MSN,, CraftGossip, Curbly, True blue Me & You, and many individual blogs. We have a very large following on Pinterest (75K+; 5 million monthly views), plus some more on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and other social media.

We offer great opportunities to share your wonderful products with our readers. Please visit our ‘Dear Content Marketing Manager, … ‘ – page before emailing us to discuss your content, influencer or advertising needs.

If you qualify and once you are ready, email contact (at) to discuss how we can best serve your needs while keeping the needs of our blog audience at the center-stage. We can provide you detailed, up-to-date statistic business figures in the process.

We carefully select our advertisers and look for win/win opportunities. Your ad should be of direct interest to our readers and be a service (not a nuisance) to our readers. If you consider advertising with us, disclosure upfront what you want to advertise. Due to time constraints, we can only reply to serious advertisers and review or advertising options beforehand.


Market Yourself to Our Readers

Have some wonderful products you would love to promote to our readers? Tell us about them and about yourself!


We attract a rapidly growing community of DIY home decorators, environmentally minded women who love crafting, knitting, crochet, a range of paper art and other crafts. These creative individuals tend to stay quite a while on our site, each visit. On average, visitors spent 3 min. on our site per visit, some staying half an hour or more.

  1. Clicky shows our performance at 2 MILLION pageviews / year
    • Readers read 2 pages, staying for almost 3 minutes on site.
    • We have a fast growing mailing list for a daily & monthly newsletter, with 24’000+ subscribers.
    • Social media: Pinterest: 72K+; Facebook 5,000+; Twitter: 1600; G+/Blogloving/Linkyfollowers/WeHeartIt: 500++. Total: approx. 62,000 and growing.

In this context, our ad rates are very COST-EFFECTIVE::

1. Basic SIDE-WIDE* Ads

*ALL categories (i.e. where the bulk of our traffic is today), excluding knitting:

  1. 1 AA. Right Sidebar, ABOVE THE FOLD: 250X125, $29/week, prepaid monthly.
  2. 1 AAA. Right Sidebar, ABOVE THE FOLD: 250X250, $50/week, prepaid monthly.
  3. 1 BBB. Right Sidebar, BELOW THE FOLD: 250X250, $32/week, prepaid monthly.

When repaid annually, you will receive 5% discount. Giveaway/contest prizes are to be mailed out to winners directly.

1. Homepage Ads

ABOVE THE FOLD: Your horizontal ad above the logo – bar: Image size: 720 x 30 (or so). Cost: $699/mth. Your ad next to the logo: image size: Cost varies over time and is 1.5x last month’s Google income for that ad space.
BELOW THE FOLD: Your Horizontal ad below the feature articles: image size / pricing to be discussed.

2. Affiliate Programs

We prefer creative affiliates for products that directly relate to crafts/DIY. We are always looking for commission rates in the order of 30-50%, which offers us a reasonable incentive to actively promote your creative product /service in our various social media outlets, blog and mailing list.

3. Product Reviews/GiveAways for Craft, Home Decor or Personal Accessory Items.

At times, we consider reviews of products if they are related to the topics and the values displayed on our site and if your product has a value of over $40. I will express my honest opinion. Non-handmade product reviews for commercial businesses, who mail us a non-returnable sample specimen for evaluation of a value of $50, typically pay $70+ per review. Case by case. No text links included.

Actual artisans who create unique handmade products or services (as one would typically find in an Etsy shop) and who will mail us a non-refundable sample product for evaluation: $50 per review. A no-follow link to your actual shop, business name, Facebook fanpage or your email address could be included. We are actively looking for ‘giveaways’ of this nature.

Influencer Campaigns

Influencer marketing is business: Companies pay $70+ for a product review/promotional article, plus product of $50+ value. Links are subject to approval, not a ‘right’. For your article, you may need to provide beautiful product images, appropriate for this blog. We reserve the right to change our website over time, without notice. This means we do not guarantee that links will stay up indefinitely.

For ongoing affiliates, we will create images, write about your products (repetitively) and promote you/article/product on social media.

5. Large Website or Newsletter Advertisements

– by arrangement.

6. Your Promo Ideas.

Tell us what you wish for, and we’ll see if we can accommodate you.

Note: Ads must be static and blend with our site design. We reserve the right to refuse advertisers and/or ad copy we consider unsuitable. However, we anticipate that your ad will be just great and we welcome you to contact us!


We are always interested to find great new products to showcase that are relevant and will interest our readers. Inquire and book your ad spot today! Email us: contact at

NOTE FOR Guest Bloggers

We do NOT accept guest blogging offers any longer. Unless you are an authentic creative craft blogger with a popular blog, please don’t bother me. Aggressive marketers who simply wish to hide a text link in their article are not welcome. Please don’t ask to post on my site.

We don’t sell ‘keyword’ text links. Please do not ask. Links are ‘nofollow’ and must link to products/services/events/shops that directly relate to the topics on FineCraftGuild and be of direct interest to readers.