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If I am doing knitting, I'm doing crochet. I love the speed of knitting and the flexibility of crochet. I need both and you do too?


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DIY Zafu with Buckwheat Hulls

Long time Reader Andrea Cunningham send me her story about her adventures in DIY Zafu making with buckwheat hulls. And I thought to it would be

Last-Minute Free Holiday Cards

Just designed you two new last-minute free holiday cards to send digitally to your friends. Hope you enjoy. Last-Minute Free Holiday Card for

Granny Square Fingerless Mittens

These bohochic granny square fingerless mittens just put a smile on my face. While they look 'involved' they were remarkably simple to make. I

Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Ogh, my dears, what a year it has been. In fact, full of 'bene', or goodness in Italian. I learned a new language, got lots of new certifications at

DIY Hoop Wreath

It's Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow, and we do like to celebrate that a little, no matter where we live. And what better way than with a bit of

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