10 Zip Jewelry Designs

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Amazing what you can do with old zippers. The contemporary handmade jewelry trend with vintage zippers has been a craze for years now. Still, I do spot new jewelry designs still today.

Sure you’ve seen our ‘Zipper Jewelry’ -tutorial before. It was simple back then. Today I want to show you the added sophistication that has resulted from this being an ongoing trend.

Here’s collective inspiration to transform your stash of zippers into wearable jewelry.


Handmade Jewelry Top Zipper Designs

~ sleek black ~

zipper jewelry :: spiral pendant necklace
1. Vintage Violet Pendant by Amalia Versaci (http://www.etsy.com/shop/AmaliaVersaci)

alexander wang linda farrow glasses zippers
2. Zipper Embellished Sunglasses by Wang / Hurricane Style (stylehurricane.blogspot.com)

zipper jewelry :: designer bracelet

3. Zipper Bracelet by Kate Cusack (http://www.katecusack.com)

zipper butterfly necklace
4. Zipper Butterfly Necklace by Reborne (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Reborne-Jewelry/128740153809704)

zipper flower :: designer bracelet
5. Zipper Flower Bracelet by Craftoholics Anonymous (http://www.craftaholicsanonymous.net)

zipper jewelry :: designer necklace

6. Zipper Necklace by Kate Cusack

zipper jewelry :: brooch

7. Cheery Zipper Leaves Jewelry by Woolly Fabulous (http://www.flickr.com/photos/woolly_fabulous/). In fact, you see lots of zippers combined with felt & jewels these days…

zipper adorned ballerina flats :: free DIY tutorial
9. Zipper Ballet Flats by Craftoholic Anonymous (http://diaryofacraftaholic.blogspot.com/2010/02/zipper-ruffle-ballet-flats-tutorial.html)

zipper canvas :: recycle old zipper bits :: free DIY tutorial
10. Cute Zipper Canvas by Amalia Versaci (on what to do with those tiny bits of zippers left over from jewelry projects)



Vintage Zipper Jewelry Making Supplies

Jewelry Making Supply 1: Recycled zippers, needle and thread – in your stash.

Only vintage zippers, please.

What’s the point if you buy new?!!


Jewelry Making Supply 2: Sewing Machine (best choice)

Jewelry Making Supply 3: Fabric Glue

Jewelry Making Supply 4: Jewelry Wire

Jewelry Making Supply 5: Jewelry Needles

Jewelry Making Supply 6: Jewelry Making Supplies (Tool Set)

Jewelry Making Supply 7: Felt for Craft Activities

Jewelry Making Supply 8: Magnifier Lamp




More Information

Other Fine Craft Guild – article on Handmade Zipper butterfly brooch and zipper flower brooch.

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