Cardigan Like a Bina Brianca Wrap is Must-have Womens Top

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bina brianca wrap

Whatever you might call this garment, I love it! Some call it the Bina Brianca wrap, or Bina wrap for short. I like to give Bina Brianca credit, but that would not be fair on the many ancient civilizations around the world who have been wearing this wrap garment for ages. However, the contemporary wrap cardigans in the photos are by Bina and she sure gets credit for that.

Material Needed to make your own ‘Bina Brianca’ Wrap

Find some lightweight, stretch fabric (click word ‘stretch fabric’ to find suitable fabrics for purchase), and wrap away. Bina used a material that consists of Rayon – Jersey. Follow this link to buy a wide range of colors and prints for about $5/yard, 62" wide. NOTE: if for some reason, these links do not work, email me, and I will get the info to you in another way.

(Bina sells the Bina Brianca wraps ready-made at $42.50, which is not that unreasonable either, particularly since the wrap comes with a booklet on how to wear the various styles.)

womens cardigans

This picture & video here show you one of the various ways you can wear this magical women’s top aka ‘Bina Brianca wrap’. It can be worn as a scarf, cardigan, poncho, blouse, shrug, stole, turtleneck, shoulder scarf, back wrap, front wrap, tunic and headscarf. Or style it to make up your own unique look!

Design Secrets: The slit placement makes it possible to wear this garment in so many ways.

How to Drape Your Bina Brianca Wrap – Video Demo

video demo

How to Make This Drapy Scarf Cardigan

Quick 1,2,3 How-to Instructions

  1. Look at the Bina Brianca wrap in the photo. How much fabric you’ll need is easy to measure. For the central panel you’ll need 3x the width of your hips (not circumference!). For the side panels, you’ll need two panels that are about the width of your hips.
  2. How long? The Bina wrap in the picture is around the knee level. What’s best for you (above/at/below the knees) depends on how tall you are/your body shape. Pick the length of your favorite (long) drapy cardy, and work with that. I’d be generous in my measurements if I were you.
  3. Measured twice??! Then cut panels.
  4. Observe where the open slits are in the photo. They look to me as about 14" wide, just below the middle or right in the middle of the garment. Pin slits.
  5. Sew seams, leaving slits open.
  6. Optional: Attach snaps at top and bottom ends of the fabric (aka cardigan) so you can wear the wrap in all styles that are demonstrated here: . Look at the poncho picture to see a close-up of the snaps, and use the photos of the shrug to determine which way they should be attached.


I have received tons of questions regarding the details of making this wrap. I have answered these in an additional post here: Cardigan Shaw Wrap, Sewing Tutorial.

The picture above shows just one of many ways to drape it. Here, on the left, is another version, the cardigan sweater wrap, or see all of the ways of wearing a Bina wrap below.

womens tops

Credit for photos within all above cardigan images: Bina Brianca

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  1. Kay Elkinton says:

    I hope I said the right website because I got this from Pinterest. My question is where do I find the link to the fabrics? I tried using this link, but didn’t get anywhere and I would like to make the wrap. Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you. With regards, Kay Elkinton

  2. Jan Kuester, says:

    Hi Kay, if you will click on the words “stretch fabric” towards the very top of the article, you will be redirected to a place to purchase fabric of this type. Cordially, Jan Kuester

  3. Kay Elkinton says:

    Thank you Jan for helping me find the material. I received it today and it’s beautiful. Do you know of any other, more precise , tutorials for this wrap? I think I bought too much material. Thank you for your help. Sincerely, Kay Elkinton

  4. Kay, if you have too much fabric, don’t worry: just make two of them, if you have enough fabric for that. You will find that one of your friends will want one just like yours. it is just a great drape, cover, dress, cardigan, wrap, scarf – thing everyone wants!

  5. KellzBellz says:

    Do you know where to put the buttons and button holes

  6. there are no buttons and button holes. it’s a wrap. soo easy!

  7. Timi Moffatt, via pinterest says:

    What length do you cut the material?

  8. Thanks for the tutorial. Do you know how long the fabric is top to bottom?

  9. Hi I am looking to order some of this fabric, please help, I am in the UK and the link takes me to US amazon, having trouble trying to work out which is the correct type of fabric. Also how much fabric will I need? I am a UK size 10. Thanks in advance.

  10. it depends on how tall you are. Look at the picture to estimate. Then, look at your OWN BODY and choose a length that is usually flattering for you. Measure and adjust to your own personal needs.

  11. It depends on how tall YOU are. Look at the picture to estimate of the intended length. Then, look at your OWN BODY and choose a length that is usually flattering for you. Measure and adjust to your own personal needs.

  12. Mrs. Joanz says:

    Thank you so much! I was just trying to figure out the measurements to make me one in a fall color when I learned of BinaBianca.

  13. Why not just cut slits in large piece of fabric? What is the point of the seams?

  14. oh Desiree, you are on the right track! The only thing is that you need a fabric that is 5x the width of your body, approximately.

  15. I keep on adding more instructions to the pattern. Let me know if you need more info. Rose

  16. Lovely idea. I think I’ll shoot for 3 yards of soft knit material and make bound arm holes by cutting a strip 2 inches wide and pinning and sewing it centered where I want the opening. Then cut the slit, turn the material to the back side and turn under the raw eges, sew a narrow top stich and it will have a nice finish to it. On a knit that won’t run why not just cut it if you wish. I can pcture it worn many ways and with the right accessories it could be casual, sophisticated, or taylored looking with very little trouble. I like the high end look of details so I’ll do bound openings and use great antique broches or belts as accents.

  17. I want to make this wrap for my daughters in law. How do I manage the measurements when they live far away from me? I don’t think they want to give me, their mother in law their hip measurements. How do I ask them about the length? What would they measure? shoulder to knee? back to below knee? They are all (3) short and wear a medium for sweaters etc. Help me please because this would be such a wonderful gift for them

  18. Just ask their mom what sizes they wear. That’s innocent enough… Then, just use standard measurements for these sizes and take it from there. This is not an ‘exact’ pattern, Mary, by any means. Shoulder to knee would be a reasonable substitute for armpit/top of chest to half way calf. Because the girls are short, I would make them a few inches shorter than usual for an M. Hope this helps.

  19. Mickie Sprenkle says:

    In the video all the snaps-snap together, is there snaps available like that?

  20. What direction is the selvage of the fabric? ie, I get the fabric from the store, fold the two factory, uncut selvage edges together, am I holding the yardage sideways with the selvage going side to side or up and down?

  21. Hi. I want to try to make one of these. When I measure my hips I am 37 inches around so would my hip width be half of that? Then I use fabric 5x that? Would that make my fabric 92.5 inches wide? That seems awfully long! Or would I measure just the front of myself at hip level (17) x 5 which is still 85 inches. Thanks! I would make these in every color. I think they look like so much fun!

  22. I cut the fabric according to the picture.
    Instead of using 3x my hip width, I figured the width in the picture to be approx 36-40 inches ( because I measure yard length from my shoulder to the tip of my middle finger), but I haven’t figured out if the front is half the back, or if it will overlap. I cut it out using 60 in wide materal, and it doesn’t drape as in the picture. I will try cutting off some of the bottom width and off the front panels to make them just meet and see how that comes off. I will make a sample first, as I don’t want to ruin my fabric. Any suggestions?

  23. I hadn’t seen the tutorial before I wrote. Sorry. I keep reading about a video demo, How do I find it?

  24. where do I buy the double sided snaps mentioned in the video ?

  25. Its impossible to see where the snaps are placed on that website, I really want to do the snaps so I can do all styles, does anyone have any idea on the placement of the snaps?

  26. Thanks for such an excellent tutorial! I have been looking at this, but your blog/website inspired me to make a few myself!

  27. SheSheMarie says:

    I love this and am excited to experiment with a loose ruffle on the bottom! thanks so much for this idea!

  28. Hi, my name is Suzi. I´m from Brasil and i don´t understand well the explication, and the translation is very bad !!!! My english is very bad too !!!Could you, please translate to portuguese? especially the numbers (?) I am 1.75m tall.
    thank you very much.


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