Turquoise Owl Earrings Tutorial

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Made a pair of New Age owl earrings: gold-colored owl pendants with turquoise beads.


Turquoise Beads

These beads are ordinary turquoise-dyed beads, but the real deal: semi-precious turquoise. Real turquoise is typically a little less vibrant in color as their dyed substitutes, so that’s how you know the difference. Also real turquoise beads are actually more fragile and chip off more easily. However, turquoise is a master healing stone. If you are open to sensing the energy of things, you can feel the energy of the healing stone beads, despite the facts that the beads are actually small. I went all the way to Santa Fe to buy them.

So, being spiritual and meaningful today, I am showing you how these earrings will work for me, energetically:

click image if you need to better read the text


Native Americans have long revered turquoise as a powerful healing stone, and use it extensively in their jewelry both as a protective and healing stone. It is said that the power of turquoise is enhanced with silver, but I happen to find and like gold-colored owls and findings, so that’s what I use instead.

Reference material:

One of the best, or should I say, the single book out there that is excellent in animal medicine is this one: Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small. I refer to it all the time. It is excellent, and I think I even mentioned it before on my blog:

B.T.W. I have a bunch more owls and beads here. Shall I make you a pair? What do you want to pay? Drop me a line if interested. Shipping will probably average around $5 from Italy.

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  1. very nice indeed!

  2. i love the color contrast! lovely earrings!