Teenage Girls Bedroom Makeover

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Ok.I’ve done dressers for boys rooms. Lots of kids furniture ideas for their bedrooms & playrooms. But what if your girls are teens?  OK. Here’s your inspiration for the year. This teen girl attic cum bedroom makeover will blow you away. Probably.

I am showing you the ‘before’ picture first…. They went from this barren attic….

kids furniture

…  this fabulous teen girls bedroom that just rocks!

attics girls teenagers bedroom makeover

This girls bedroom makeover was to be featured in a TV show. You sure can tell the difference of pro’s at work. Professional designers just DARE to make bedroom furniture that others just love to do, but don’t do.

Awesome bedroom furniture such as ….

  • … hanging beds. I’m well beyond my teen years, but I would love this too.
  • … a whole knitting corner.
  • … creating fun & homey-ness where there was boring attic-ness.
  • … a really huge workstation aka desk stretches all along the long wall of the attic. I want a desk like this.  So much space!!
  • personalized art.
  • … more.


Now, I dare to ask you: even if you had a carpenter at hand: do you think you could dream all this up and realize it in …. 4 days? It’s unthinkable, is it? But it is possible because that’s what this team, Bob & Cortney Novogratz, did.

Because this is such a spectacular kids bedroom transformation, I am showing you this project …. in January. This way, you get to think about what you want to do for your kids bedroom furniture for several months. Then, this Spring, I want to see your bedroom makeovers…

Okay?!!! (smile)

Have a wonderfully inspired & creative day!

image credit :
the pioneer woman

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  1. LOVE the hanging beds! So cool. And that desk is wonderful!

  2. wow, hanging beds. bet they love that!

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