Cool Sushi Coasters :: Free Crochet Pattern

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I am a sushi nut. I love the freshness and the flavor. Lots of protein. So healthy too.

Although, sushi will soon be a thing of the past for me. IF  a recently  PASSED LAW in the US is not stopped by YOU, my American readers, right now: the law that allows GMO salmon to be sold unlabeled to our fresh fish restaurants and supermarkets.

sushi coasters free crochet patterns

Once a particular type of food, such as salmon, is produced modified and is mixed with God’s food, there is NO turning back!!!SOONER OR LATER, all food in that food group will become modified. Wild Atlantic salmon will be a thing of the past, FOREVER.

Ahum, OK. That’s my sense of the crisis in the situation. Let me put it simple and more constructively: please take action now: Please stop this and other future GMO FOOD DISASTERS, that could so easily be avoided. Say NO to GMO. That’s all there is to it.  Thank you for taking action to preserve pure food for our and future generations.


OK. This post is about a crochet pattern. Yes it is. Just to remind me then of that food I once loved so much, here are some sushi coasters and a free crochet pattern to make them.


photo credit | free crochet pattern: Crochet



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  1. Major Moma, says:

    These are SUPER CUTE!

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