Succulent Wreaths

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Now that all your holiday decoration is gone, does the front door look a bit barren? Not for long, because here’s an idea for you that you wished you’d tried before:  year-round colorful succulent wreaths that need next-to-no-attention to good looking. Best of all, the plants on these wreaths are alive! Like a garden on your porch!


How to Make Your Own Succulent Wreath


The designer of this particular wreath, Jaime from Prudent Baby, simply whirled through her garden with clippers to get her succulents.

However, most of us don’t have such a wide range of colorful succulents around our own home, so a bit of patience and planning on our part is warranted. We may even need to purchase some plants to round-out the color scheme. Succulent wreathsBut, with a bit of patience and a plan to make this one day, you might overcome this need. This is because succulents, as all succulent-owners know, tend to grow back rather rapidly and easily.  Even a broken off leaf can be planted back to become a new flower. Therefore, succulent owners tend to be very happy sharers of their plants.  And maybe a very generous donator of a variety of plants could be rewarded back with a wreath like this for him/herself.



How you begin is finding yourself a metal wreath frame, and to fill it up with moistened spaghnum moss (soak for 5 min)(supplies below).

Then, collect ‘flowers’ from your various succulent plants and clip of the bottom leaves so you get mini-stems, which you stick into the moss. You might use a pen to prepare holes in your thickly packed moss so the plants will go in without breaking. Secure the plants with florist wire or equivalent to keep them in place till the roots have grown, which can take anywhere from 3-5 months.

Succulent Secret

“You want to let your succulent clippings sit to dry until a dry scab forms on the bottom. Depending on the air where you live and the plant, this could take 2-7 days. This will not kill the plant. This is setting it up to grow again! THAT is the secret.


Succulent Wreath Design & Care Tips for Wreaths

Tip 1: for a nice design, group plants together. Vary large and smaller florets, and and repeat colors. See sample wreath.

Tip 2: dip your succulent in rooting hormone to grow roots faster.

Tip 3: as this is a life wreath, spray it with water occasionally, but do not over-water.  Succulents like sun more than water. So, go lavish on one, sparing on the other.

This life wreath will continue to grow, bloom and be beautiful year-round. Now, don’t you want to start making one right away?!

Get Your Wreath-Making Supplies

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  1. Pretty!

  2. This is so lovely. I wish our apartment would be bigger and lighter to have more plants…

  3. Wow, that’s just gorgeous! What a great idea! I’d be thrilled if you’d share this on my site.

  4. I did this last summer, stayed beautiful all summer until it became part of Autumn’s compost pile. Thanks for sharing your scale and balance ideas

  5. Fine Craft Guild says:

    Hi Gail,

    Sorry to hear you had to throw it away. Why exactly?
    Well, not to worry. Your comment just gave me the fabulous idea to design a crochet succulent wreath. How about that?!


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