Silk Infinity Scarf Pattern with Flower

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Spring-Summer Fashion :: Free Infinity Scarf Pattern for a really feminine accessory, to make in minutes and wear for months throughout Spring and into Summer.

infinity scarf pattern


Infinity scarves are not only wonderful for a cold Winter. This fashion accessory can spruce up your Spring dresses just the same. Wear this Spring infinity scarf over your head or around your shoulders to keep out the chill of cooler Spring moments, and to add dash of elegance to your outfit.

Why not tempt nature with a silk floral infinity scarf pattern? Flowers around your neck will make you feel like Spring even if the weather us not quite there.  And if there’s any wind, the silk of this infinity scarf against your neck will feel so soft. Silk is a special fabric. Invented by the Chinese, it has been hailed for its unique property of keeping you warm when it’s cold, and cool when it’s hot.

Silk scarves tend to be expensive, even when you don’t choose a fashion brand like Hermes. Save yourself up to several hundred dollars by making your own Spring infinity scarf. It’s so simple. I made this ruffle infinity scarf in just under 10 minutes. OK. I ‘cheated’ by starting with an existing regular scarf of the right material, but you can do this too.

This scarf is the perfect Mothers Day gift: feminine and floral!

infinity scarves patterns

spring infinity scarf pattern flowers

Give this infinity scarf ..

  • instead of a necklace,
  • with a necklace, or
  • as a kind of necklace.
How much fabric do you need for this infinity scarf pattern?

The stretch of fabric that I started with was 61” long and 17” wide, which is ideal for this project.

However, infinity scarf pattern sizes vary dramatically. They are shorter and higher when to be used like over-sized cowls. They are a bit longer and less bulky when they are true infinity scarves, which are to be worn twice around the neck. Actual measurements range from 40×15” for bulky cowl-style accessories, to 71×25.5” for ultra silky thin infinity scarves. ‘Normal’ measurements for infinity scarves would be about 50” x 17”.


Spring Infinity Scarf Pattern

A. First up: find some soft, lightweight fabric, like silk. Start with looking at the back of your own closet, or your sewing fabric stash.

Or, hop over to your local secondhand store, as they often have real jewels of scarves you could make into infinity scarves, for a fraction of what they would cost new.

Or, treat yourself/your mom with nothing but the best, and go for a yard of real silk in the latest fashion. Let me show you some here…

Fabric like this gorgeous silk chiffon is 44 inches wide.

1 yard of this gives you 2-3 scarves.

Silk Chiffon Floral Print

Or this exquisite embroidered silk with make an ultra-luxurious Spring infinity scarf.

It’s 54 inches  wide, so you can get 3 scarves out of one yard.

Silk w Small Embroidered Flowers



B. I am starting with a lovely silk chiffon flower scarf (rectangular), which is already hemmed with a green contrast thread.

Very often, the most expensive silk items are hemmed by hand with a rolling hem, so you won’t need a sewing machine to pull of some luxury here. What I love about sewing projects that don’t require a sewing machine is that they can be conducted outside in nature, in the garden or by the beach.

C. As my scarf is a bit long, I decided to take advantage of this extra fabric by adding a romantic ruffle.

Now, this is a lot of words about it. In practicality, this infinity scarf pattern is ever so simple: I pinned the two ends of the scarf together, about 1” of the edge.

Step 1: I pulled a double-thread through to make the scarf into a loop, and kept on pulling the thread till the silk fabric ruffled, and then secured  the thread on the other side.

Step 2: sew the beginning and the end of your ruffle together so that the ruffle forms a loop and resembles a rose. Have a look at the photo of the close-up of the rose towards the end of this article. You’ll see how the ends of the ruffle are slightly tucked into each other, resembling layers of a rose. I aligned it so by hand then then kept it in position with a mere stitch.

silk flower infinity scarf

To ensure that the rose doesn’t droop and the scarf drapes nicely around your neck, turn your scarf towards the back of your rose. Here, sew the seams of the scarf behind the rose together with a few stitches. Look at the photo to see what I mean. So simple, I barely dare to call this a pattern.

And when you’ve done these back stitches, your scarf is ready.  Pattern completed in 2 minutes. smile.

spring infinity scarf pattern

Voila your ruffle infinity scarf.

Want to elevate your scarf to an Anthropologie-knockoff?

Step 3 is optional, to make your scarf look like an Anthropologie knockoff infinity scarf:

After taking the pictures of the basic model, I realized that a tiny green crochet flower-heart could be a nice embellishment of the scarf’s flower, bringing a bit more emphasis onto the flower.

Flower heart crochet pattern: ch 3; 8 dc in the first ch; closed the loop with a sl st. and casted off. Then with a few hand stitches, I attached the green crochet flower heart to the silk fabric flower center.

Then, to finish things off a la Anthropologie, I strung a few seed beads on some jewelry wire and ,with adding a piece of carnelian for the center and now it’s really done.  10 minutes later.  It’s so good, Anthropologie could hire me, don’t you think?!!  I’m going to wear it tonight, going out for dinner.

infinity scarf patterns

(an hour later …) I’m still all smiles and very happy with my scarf. I love it till infinity!!!

Are you going to make one too?

spring infinity scarves

infinity scarf pattern


  1. So wonderful idea! Love slik scarves and are actually planning, to give them an revival :-) super cute scarf and thank you for the tutorial. Have a great day Rose :-)

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