Beautiful, Inexpensive Patterns

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“Welcome to our SHOP with crochet, knitting or sewing patterns! A nicely printed up pdf-pattern, paired up with the appropriate yarn or fabric, makes a great gift that a creative person would love to receive. Or, choose a pattern for your own personal accessories or beautiful home decoration.

I am VERY excited to share my latest inventions and patterns with you! I hope you enjoy them. You’ll find that my patterns are fun, fast and easy to make. New patterns will be added each week.

You will find our patterns inexpensive compared to Etsy and other such places. Even though it takes a lot of time to develop new designs, write up patterns and sort out all the details with communicating what was in my head to you so you can make it too. Added cost-saving is that all patterns are digital (.pdf and/or Word file) so that your shipping costs are $0!

Crochet & Knitting Patterns & Sewing Tutorials

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