Sweater with DIY Sequins Elbow Patches

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Sat on a bench. Read a book. Leaned over my shoulder and saw this. Neat, heh?!

Sequins sweater elbow patches.

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1,2,3 How-to

1. Cut out a round-cornered rectangle that is about the size of your hands (well, if you have long fingers…).

Seam allowance = 0

2. Put your sweater on and put a pin exactly where your elbow is.  Do this on both elbows.

3. Take your sweater back off and hand-sew on the elbow patches. The pins are to be the center of where your patches should be located.

So easy.   Hardest part is: finding the sequins fabric.


So, Where to Get Sparkly Sequins Fabric?

Answer: Here!

Silver Sequins


Silver Stretch Mesh W/silver Sequins Fabric 50" Wide By the Yard (USA)

Gold Sequins

Gold Stretch Mesh W/gold Sequins Fabric 50" Wide By the Yard (USA)

Black Sequins

Polyester Spandex Squiggle Mini Sequins Fabric Black Black (USA)


European buyers: go here instead.


Tip: Now, don’t worry about spending $16 and cents on a whole yard. THE REST of your yard will come in so handy: as a top for a handmade cocktail, dinner or Christmas dress; as trimming for an other wise boring bag, as a hair band, etc etc. Just browse our blog a little. With nearly 1000 tutorials here, you are bound to find some that suit.

photo credit: a pair and a spare

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