Recycled Magazines Crafts: Stack Stools

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Previously we featured these designer stools made from recycled New York Times Sunday papers.  A truly artistic endeavor. Today I came across a simpler version of the same idea: making stools from glossy recycled magazines. 

To make a recycled paper stool, best are .4” thick magazines (1 cm),  rolled up tightly. As you can see, to make this exact stool, you’ll need 27 magazines, however you can choose to make your stool a bit lower also. You’ll also need plastic fasteners.


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:: Nifty Mag Stack Stool ::


photo credit: Green Issues by Agy


Recycled Craft

Thrifty use of (recycled) material…

It’s actually perfect for those magazines that you already raided for pretty colorful pages to make recycled paper beaded bib necklaces or chain necklaces with paper beads,  or eh …waste paper baskets, decorative recycled paper boxes, recycled paper mirrors, or picture frames, etc. etc.
Now you don’t have to throw the remainder magazines away but make great use of them.


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Tip: if you are going to use your pre-loved magazines with cutouts, be sure that the rolls are equally thick on both sides of the recycled magazine stack. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a stool with an angle. You don’t want to roll off.


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