Recycled Bottles, Designer Lamps

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This is another inspirational post, showcasing different styles of designer lamps made eco green from soda bottles or parts thereof.


While some would be easier to duplicate on your own as a DIY projects, others merely require an exacto knife &  a glue gun or a stapler.  And some ingenuity and patience for minor problem solving.


This is what I like to see more of in the homes around us:



1. Designer: Sarah Turner

Design: Lily Lamp

Materials: drink bottles

Versions: 4, base optional


A perfect design. Lily 9 & the larger version Lily 12 are named as they reuse 9 & 12 two liter drinks bottles. The Sprite bottle’s color make the inside sections green with the outside white, but when switched on these colors seem to reverse and make the lamp truly stunning!

Comes in four versions: white or green, small and large.

Cost: about US$140 – 175, including the base.

Ordering info: 




2. Designer: Josh Jakus for Fuz

Design: Curly Lamp

Materials: 100% recycled HDPE plastic body

Versions: 2, small and large

Curly Lamp (large), by FUZ

Cost: ONLY $20 – $45!

Ordering info: Curly Lamp by FUZ




3. Designer: Michelle Brands

Design: Cascading Chandelier

You probably have already seen the lovely eco lamps by this artist discussed in detail at Fine CRAFT

It’s soo good however, that I thought it worthy of another mention….

Version: one of a kind, but can be ordered

Materials: recycled coke bottles



4. Designer: mom n pop

Sold thru the Lamps Store in Nashville

Design: Vintage 1-of-a-kind Water Bottle Table Lamp

Versions: one of a kind


Vintage One-of-a-Kind Water Bottle Table Lamp

Cost: $145


5. Designer: You

Design: Your lamp?

What have you made lately from a plastic bottle???!

Anything good at all that we want (..must..) know about???

Drop us a line, or better: link it up in our DIY tutorial Linky Party



  1. Jenn @ Seeds on a Breeze says:

    These are awesome! I love upcycled products and these are stunning art pieces.

  2. What a great idea. I love the idea of creating such a stir that people will think twice before throwing the plastic away.

  3. Fine Craft Guild says:

    Hai Becky,

    I know. These days I’m quite obsessed with the notion that taking garbage out of the house does not mean that it vanishes. It just sits somewhere else on the planet. How discussing.

    I have a constant ‘battle’ with those around me to change perceptions of ‘green being great’ from ‘green being just one more chore to do’.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog, and if you happen to have a green tutorial for any diy/craft project, Becky, be sure to link it up with our weekly linky party.


  4. Fine Craft Guild says:

    Hi Jen,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, you are right, I love these recycled lamps and designers such as this are such an inspiration for us all to ‘be green & create green’.


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