Quilted Backpack Pattern

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:: Beautiful Back to School project! :: This Quilted Backpack Pattern is for a sophisticated girl: it has ribbons & buttons, has contrast front cover, is covered with flowers ~ in one word: is cutter than a button.

I love this sweet quilted backpack and just know that thousands of young girls would love their mom to make this for them. (And can imagine moms making 4 of these simultaneously as they want one for them selves, one for their best friends and then have some to give a way as presents later on in the year…)

This backpack seems a bit sturdier than the usual one with just a drawstring thanks to both the quilting and its construction.

lovely Quilted Backpack Pattern

Designer: Heidi Pridemore,, using the Chloe fabric collection from P&B Textiles.

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Striped Backpack Pattern with Front Flap

Learn how to Sew

Want to make this but don’t know how to sew yet? No problem. These classes will help you on your way in no time.

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Choosing Patchwork / Quilting Fabric

You can see that choosing great fabrics is more than half the work.

So, I decided to do a bit of homework for you, making things easy.

I have 5 sets of gorgeous quilting fabrics here for you to choose from:


Quilting Fabrics – 1 – Fat Quarters – Winters Lane

Aviary 2 – Lilac – Layer Cake (16) 10″ Fabric Squares by Joel Dewberry


Quilting Fabrics – 2 – GOLDEN FLOWERS

amy butler star paisley
By the Yard
amy butler fabric knot garden

By the Yard AMY BUTLER Fabric



Kaufman Paisley Fabric
owl fabric kaufmann

Tip: I’d also use off-white for lining and minor other details, so that the colors will pop.


Quilting Fabrics – 4 – BLUE DAISIES

45” Wide Amy Butler Daisy Chain
Wildflowers Navy
Fabric By The Yard


Quilting Fabrics – 5 – BUBBLE & SUN

54” Wide stripe Cranberry Red/ Cream Fabric By The Yard

Tip: I’d also use off-white for lining and minor other details, so that the colors will pop.


  1. I love this quilted bag! I can see it working in so many color combos, and would make a great Christmas gift!

    I hope you’ll stop by ExpectMoore and add this project to the Pocket Week Linky Party:



  2. wow thanks!!! I love it =D

  3. Hi, just found your site this morning and I’m absolutely loving it. Oddly though, I’ve been waiting for this back pack pattern to download for almost an hour. This doesn’t usually happen on my end of things. Just thought you might want a heads up. Hopefully all is well with your site.

  4. That’s adorable! Great colors. :)

  5. Thanks, Shecki!

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