Cookie on a Cup’s Rim + More Popular DIY-Craft Ideas

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Oh, I’m so happy! Nearly a 100 new great ideas richer.  Thank you all so much.

Now choosing, which DIY/craft project is best… it’s impossible. I don’t know any more. So, I just scoured around amongst the ones that were visited more than others, and then I added a couple of my personal favorites.


Here is my TOP 5 from linky party #42.

1. Dutch Cookies on Cup’s Rim


People think of wind mills and tulips when they think of Holland, but I think of groovy design. This Dutch cookie that sits on the rim of your coffee cup being a case in point. Isn’t it fabulous? Unique, easy, practical, crisp, golden brown, delicious (bettya it’s made with REAL butter) and not too big either.

By: Hanneke from de Gulle Aarde

BTW. those of you who are into cookie making should check out this Martha Stewart free cooking making app for their iPhone/iPad.


2. Chalk Paint-covered Ornaments


You readers are just the most talented people! I totally love this chalk paint covered ornament. Which is basically an el-cheapo ordinary ornaments with a coat of chalk paint, and a rub with sand paper.

By Made in a Day


3. Hand-painted Cabinet

After: gorgeous front-panel with romantic ‘French’ flowers.


But this was the before:


By:  One Creative Couple


4. Washer Snowman Pendant – Ornament


This washer snowman was made by A Creative Princess and we all love it. Cool, easy and a fun holiday giveaway to boot.


5. Paper Doilie Tree Ornaments


These doily Christmas trees are a simple, fun paper craft to do with the kids, or with grandma.  It’s one of those crafty projects for the holidays that anyone can add their creativity too. Kids might add markers, while elderly might like to add simple things like real holly or apply other Christmas traditions to them.

Anyhow, the doily tree ornaments are fun and super easy. Make a dozen and you have a garland, or a tree full of them.

By Linda from With a blast

BTW. Last year I made TONS of homemade paper doily tree ornaments, and garlands, and front door embellishments etc etc. They looked fabulous… And so I am posting this to remind myself to treat you an tutorial on it.


If you are featured….


If you are featured: “Well, congrads!” Do brag about it and put our badge on your blog and share with everybody you were featured here. Why not?! You deserve the accolade.

DIY Tutorial

Click in the text box on the right, Ctrl A (to select all), and Ctrl C (to copy). Then paste the code on your blog using Ctrl V.


If you are not featured …

There were tons of excellent posts!  If you made something really cool and it did not hit my top 5 today, don’t be disappointed. I try to showcase all party visitors, and surely if you come often enough, it will be your turn too, one day soon.  And, you can always offer to guest post for us. Great way to get exposure.

And  now, don’t forget to LINK UP your best & recent work also. We are hoping to gather Christmas related tips, ideas and ornaments, but hey, anything creative (that’s not for sale nor a linky party) goes! 


  1. Thank you so much for the feature! {I adore that hand painted cabinet!!} Have a great weekend :-)

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