Pomegranate Scones Recipe

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Scones Recipe.

Scones. So quintessentially British. Yet, my own.

While scones are not anywhere near as popular as cupcakes, lemon bars or pies, scones should be way more popular than they are. I am not talking about the sugar-coated scone-versions you get at Starbucks, although I love them too. I talking about those fresh-out-of-the-oven scones, served in the UK with a dollop of fresh cream and jam.

Theeesssse scones!!! These scones are finger-licking good. Delicious! And… (* I like this aspect), they are as-easy-as-it-gets to make. So easy in fact that kids can do them (provided an adult helps them with the oven).


Glorious Pomegranate Scones ~ Ready to go into the Oven

pommegranate scones recipe :: finecraftguild.com

photo credit | recipe : making-today-beautiful.com/2013/04/24/pomegranate-scones/ (a new blog that’s worth a visit, if for nothing else for some beautiful food photos!)


‘Classic’ Pomegranate Scones Recipe

The above photo actually comes complete with a recipe. So, have a look. Then, if you don’t have all ingredients on hand, don’t fret. When you will look around for recipes for scones, you will realize that there are lots of variations on the relative amount of ingredients and oven temperatures & times.   Really, a lot depends on your oven, your preference of salt intake, and other health and taste choices. So go with what sounds good to you. There appear to be no hard & fast rules determining which scones will come out best. So, make your scones with love and they will taste divine, no doubt.

btw. You can easily change this recipe to transform it into a cranberry scones recipe. They will be just as sweet, if not sweeter.

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