Pillowcase Summer Dresses

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Pillowcase summer dresses are so easy to make and these have been inspiring me to make my own summer dress. Before mine is finished, I want to show you these pillowcase dresses instead.


pillowcase summer dresses



What’s so special about these pillowcase dresses that you see in the picture here is that they are not made of your usual cotton pillowcase, but of a light knit material.


If you are still new to pillowcase dresses, then there are 4 things you must know.

  1. You should cut J shapes on either side of the top front and back panels, for the arms to look good.  
  2. For the front to fall properly, you should cut a slight V on the top front section.
  3. You’ll need more fabric for gathered dresses made with knit fabric than for gathered dresses made from regular cotton fabric to get that full look.

  4. What makes good summer dresses great is in the details. Here, the bottom ruffle and the bow, in combination with the contrasting fabric (in color & pattern) make these summer dresses absolutely stunning.


2013-2014 Design Modification :: Raised Hemline

If you want to make this summer dress realllllllyyy fashionable, you could cut the front hem to be shorter than the back hem, and round both the front and the back section.  To make that raised hemline- design flow well, you probably should first do the side seams, then cut the bottom hem to your liking and then attach the bottom ruffle.


image credit | pattern : Bridget Baxter

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