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DIY Garden Sun Shade

This is simply brilliant, isn’t it? One trip to Ikea’s curtain department and you’re done: you got yourself a magnificent, removable DIY sun shade.   What an Ikea hack is that! … [Read More]


SHARE IT 18: DIY Kids Dresser, Crafts & Snacks

July 5. As if you didn't party enough yesterday, here's linky party 18, to share your fun digitally with your online friends and crafty community. While I live in the UK now, I still don a … [Read More]

cracker with cream cheese and smoked salmon recipe by

Simply good Chia Oat Crackers with Cream cheese and Smoked Salmon

These Stupendous Chia & Oat cripsbreads by The Foodie Market might be a British thing but this ‘recipe’ sure is a worldwide winner. I have had this cracker with cream cheese and smoked … [Read More]