Mosaic Mirror from Recycled Credit Cards – tutorial

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Anyone who read my prior post on how to create a mosaic butterfly mirror know that this is a new passion.

This new passion for mosaic craft was ‘on fire’ when I came across this beautiful but oh-so-easy-to-make mosaic mirror by Kayte Terry at using old plastic credit cards! Great Idea. (Yes, I am collecting cards from all over the house as we speak and I think a project is coming up with plastic reddish store cards instead.)

mosaic mirror recycled credit cards

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This project is so easy, that I want to classify it as kids craft. The only thing that might be hard for kids would be to cut up the credit or store debit cards, and this can be done by an adult ahead of time.

Free Tutorial – Mosaic Craft Project Steps

  • First, cut up old expired credit cards, store debit cards or used-up plastic store gift cards, in squares.

  • Then, use a plain IKEA craft mirror and give it several coats of plain household paint. Gesso + acrylics is fine also. Choose a color that coordinates well with the dominant color of your mosaic pieces.
  • Alternative: if you want, you can make your own timber-rimmed mirror, but this requires more time and is more difficult. The ‘next best thing’ to the IKEA mirror would be to use a piece of rather light wood with smooth edges. Glue an inexpensive dollar-store or craft mirror in the center at the front, and a hanging tag at the back.
  • Last, glue the plastic pieces on the mirror rim on the front randomly. Let it dry thoroughly.
  • If you used a piece of wood instead of a store-bought mirror and it is thick enough, you might prep the edges by smoothing them first with sandpaper then with paint. Then, place a row of little plastic pieces on the sides.

Looks fabulous, don’t you think?!
An incredibly fast, inexpensive and creative alternative to using ceramic mosaic tiles, using some recycled materials. Yes!


  1. How clever! I love doing mosaics but hate the mess created by breaking up tiles. This is a great creative solution.

  2. Wonderful! I like this miror very much.

  3. First of all, thank you for your comment on my blog, I appreciate it and I’m so excited for you to make the Post It covering. Secondly, OMG!!! I love this credit card mosaic idea. That’s so creative and it inspires me to go around my house asking myself “what can I make out of this”. I am sooo impressed.

  4. Kathryn says:

    Great upcycle!

  5. Fine Craft Guild says:

    ‘upcycle’ — I LOVE IT.

    That’s a really good comment,
    and wow, what a compliment!

  6. I think Dave Ramsey would love this project!

  7. Fine Craft Guild says:

    Thanks, Simply40s, I’m honored with the compliment! Tell him about it…

  8. How fun! I say everyone who owes thousands on credit cards should cut them up and make mirrors!!

  9. wow, love that idea. it’s so different, and it’s so cheerful and bright, lol. who woulda thunk it’s from credit cards! coming over from coastal charm NTT.

  10. This is very cool. I like the look of this!

  11. I forgot to say that I am featuring this at

  12. That is hilarious! Beautiful, but hilarious! I’m guessing there are tons of people in this current economy that would get great pleasure out of doing this project. It could help them heal emotionally from all the extra charges, etc. and give them a creative outlet. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

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  14. LOVE THIS!!

    I’m going to start collecting old gift cards STAT! This is a wonderfully up-cycled piece!

  15. What a creative idea! Who would have thought of doing this? Very pretty!

  16. What a great idea – I save absolutely everything (I think I have borderline hoarder tendencies!) and this is a such a fun and creative way to use all of the expired gift and credit cards and hotel room keys I have stashed away (for some unknown reason). Thanks for the tutorial :-)

  17. Love the mosaic frame!

  18. Wow what a great idea, I would never have thought of it. I have quite a few expired cards that I now have a project for.

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