TOTE BAG Free Sewing Pattern

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This article offers a free tutorial of a super modern tote bag design.

Free tote bag tutorial
Free Bag Making Tutorial

TOTE BAG Free Sewing Pattern

We all love tote bags to carry our amazing range of “non-purse suitable” items. My recent “list” of such items has included items like books, magazines, half finished apples and other treats, children’s ‘found treasures’, sweaters, gloves, school projects, rope, new shower curtain, a range, recyclables, diapers and associated gear,…. Oh, I can’t remember what else. Nor do I need to as now, here is the solution: gorgeous (washable?!) tote bags, leaving our coach bags neat and clean.

Tote Description

I am giving you the description here of the tote bag shown above. However, the pattern for this bag is no longer available. I am linking below to an alternative great bag pattern. You may wish to adjust that pattern to the specs of the b/w bag shown above:

This tote is a 14″ x 11″ x 3-1/2″ deep tote with one exterior pocket and two interior pockets- one zippered. It is designed for hard wear with two layers of fabric at the bottom and straps that won’t rip off.
There are many other pretty modern design fabrics that you can buy by the yard. The fabric shown on the exterior of the bags above is no longer for sale, but what’s important is that you go for an equally large and bold print with strong contrasting colors to get a similar effect as the bag shown here.

Best Tote Bag Tutorial You’ve Ever Seen

Yep. That was the thruth. Until it was removed from the web: I had a complete amazingly well-illustrated tutorial for this bag. But it has been taken off-line by JCaroline. (If you are interested in this bag pattern, leave me a comment below. If I get enough requests for it, I’ll make you the pattern for this bag in 2016 sometimes. Okay?! )

Alternative to the Best Tote Bag Tutorial

Meanwhile: have a look at this pattern. It is for a similar style of tote bag. And, with the added bonus of having lots of internal pockets (ie. a highly desirable added feature for a tote bag!):

tote bags

modern tote bag

Top Tote bag photo credit:

Amy Butler Bag

More interested in buying a gorgeous tote bag? Have a look a these great bag.

This particular ‘Amy Butler’- tote bags is a fresh marriage of creativity and practicality. Rich leather handles and accents, and 100% organic cotton makes each bag all natural and comely. Click link or image for details.

amy butler tote bag


  1. Lori Jozwiak says:

    I would love the tutorial for this bag :)

  2. Lora Howard, says:

    I would DEARLY LOVE to have the pattern/tute for this lovely tote. Am looking for a great, sturdy tote to make.

  3. Danielle Patzel says:

    I would love this. This is the only good looking and sturdy tote ive found. Please post!

  4. Sue Crook says:

    I have been trying to locate this pattern but have had no luck until I came across this site. I would really love the pattern for this tote bag, thank you..

    Note by Rose: responded to Sue by email directly.

  5. Krystyna says:

    I would like a pattern too please.

  6. Hi! I would like this pattern and tutorial, please!


  7. I am looking to make a tote bag and this one looks great. I would really like the pattern. Please if you could post it, I would appreciate it. This is exactly what I want. Thank you so much!

  8. I would love a copy of this pattern! It’s a great design!

  9. shanti jaglal says:

    Hi, i love to sew but just a beginner but i would really appreciate it if you can give me a copy of this modern tote bag pattern/tutorial, it really looks amazing and i cant wait to bling it……….God bless For your talent. Thank You. shanti.

  10. I just sent you a personal email, Shanti. Have a look.

  11. Madhu Lashkari says:

    As soon as I saw this pattern I fell for this pattern.Can you please send me the pattern?Thank you.Madhu

  12. hi ! Can you please send me the pattern?Thank you very much !
    (sorry i’m french and my english is very bad !!!)

  13. Thank you for writing. I have now included a link for a very similar bag pattern in the post itself. Can you see it?!

  14. MaryAnn says:

    I would **LOVE** to have the pattern/tutorial for the tote bag!!
    Thank you,

  15. Hi MaryAnn,
    My pattern for this is not yet developed. But other patterns are available for you, as indicated here in the post.
    Hope that helps!

  16. Would love the pattern to this beautiful tote. Please post

  17. Hi Tracy, I gave you a hand and sent you a personal email!

  18. Marie Smith says:

    Please send me the pattern for this tote bag. I will love to make it!

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