How to Save Your Make-up Cosmetics

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Save yourself hundreds of dollars with this handy eco-friendly cosmetics saver tip! Got some broken cosmetics ranging from compact blush, powder to eye shadow? No longer be sad; no need to throw it away.

This photo explains exactly how you can recover it. In essence, what you’ll need is a few drops of rubbing alcohol, a bit of rubbing, and a day of patience. How easy and inexpensive is that?!!

Yippee. I’m so excited. Can’t wait to try this with my gorgeous (but broken!) Guerlain purple eye shadow. I just loathed to throw out such expensive cosmetics.


How To Save Your Make-up Cosmetics



It does not look ‘perfectly new’,
but works!

Source: this wonderful discovery was shared by Katrina, who writes Katrina Lomidze.


  1. Thanks for sharing this suggestion. Never would have thought of such a thing.

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