Make a Recycled Dryer Sheet Envelope

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Great Idea: Make your own Recycled Dryer Sheet Envelope for keepsakes, niknaks and special letters. Jennifer from Sunny Vanilla executed this creative idea that was the brainchild of Paula Spahr. Let me show you her works of art:

how to make Recycled Dryer Sheet Envelope


How to Make Your Own Recycled Dryer Sheet Envelope

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Just a few steps to success for this craft project:

  • she ironed the sheets,
  • folded them over,
  • cut the sides of the envelop flap (see picture), and
  • sew a decorative line at approx. 1/4” of the edge.
  • Then, she used that same contrast color for the card inside. Love that red-white striped card.


Perfectly Easy, Creative Recycling Project

Make a stack of them at a time, so as to make it worth your while to get the sewing machine out. Jennifer made the dryer sheet envelops for (Valentine) greeting cards. However, I can see a million other uses for these handmade envelopes, either embellished with lot of decoupage, or plain. Jennifer added a pretty, simple and nice button.

image credit: – no longer online.


3 Other Smart Recycling Ideas for Used Dryer Sheets

Besides using them to for dusting and cleaning metal, here are a few other uses you wished you’d knew before.

  1. If you have a pair of scissors that are not cutting as smoothly as they should, then wipe the blades clean with a used dryer sheet to remedy this problem. And, used drying sheets’s anti-static properties helps you with too wild threads who don’t want to go where you determine them to go, is another hidden secret. So, giving a recycled dryer sheet envelope duty as a needle book, and so have it near your sewing machine, is an all-round brilliant idea. Multiple uses.
  2. It’s been said that you can recycle used dryer sheets to remove the build-up of soap scum on your glass shower door too. Fantastic! Gotta try this.
  3. Found a stack of old, but musty books at a garage sale to do this craft project: fold book pages into letters – recycled book art ideas for personalized, decorative gifts? Make them smell good again by placing the books in a sealed plastic bag with a used dryer sheet for two days. You’ll find the musty smell be gone! Awesome, as this is the use I was actually looking for!


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  4. Great idea! Maybe I’ll use this for my wedding. =)

  5. What an adorable idea. I hadn’t ever thought to use dryer sheets.

  6. Great way to use your used dryer sheets instead of tossing them! Thanks!

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