Luu Chan Wrap Bracelets DIY

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Even if you’re not clicked-into the Los Angeles celebrity-scene, you might have seen these little wrap bracelets. They are THE RAGE in Hollywood. If you’d buy Luu Chan’s, you’ll realize that what once was a tribal friendship bracelet, has transformed into a pricey heirloom. That’s what happens when you add diamonds and precious stones.

luu chan bracelet

Chan Luu Multi Stone Wrap Bracelet on Brown Leather


Of course these kind of wrap bracelets were invented before Luu Chan was even born, and any good craft shop has all that you need to make your own.

Luu Chan Wrap Bracelets are actually simple to make. Why not make a couple for yourself?!

luu chan

Luu Chan Wrap Bracelets – Jewelry Supplies Needed

Traditional wrap bracelets tended to use wooden beads because they are nice and light. If you want yours to look more like Luu Chan designs, then choose diamonds, silver beads, semi-precious stones and crystal beads.


Leather cord

Leather cord is ideal for stringing beads with large holes or natural beads such as shell, wood, bone, clay, or metal. Use leather cord to showcase a favorite pendant. It braids well and mixes well with other stringing materials to create bold and stylish designs.

Waxed Irish Linen Necklace or Knotting Cord 1mm Black – 50 Yards. 4-Ply 1mm thick thread for jewelry making.

Waxed Linen Thread

Durable, and easy to string. This natural 5-ply linen thread is lightly waxed for ease of use. It’s ideal for bookbinding, crafts, and art projects of all kinds. Each pack contains three 20-yard spools, one each of black, tan, and purple.

If this is too thick for your bead size, consider using other beading cord instead

Other Beading Cords
Review a wide selection of different cords that you can use to make your own Luu Chan Bracelets.
I found some superb beads for you, to make one-of-kind bead wrap bracelets that would make Luu Chan jealous: Gemstone Bead Mix 4mm Round Beads /16 Inch Strand



How to make Chan Luu wrap bracelets is demonstrated here in this free tutorial video:

For those of you who can’t see the above video screen, follow this link to learn how to make Luu Chan wrap bracelets.

luu chan bracelet tutorial
Close-up of Luu Chan beads and bracelet-construction

Other Friendship Bracelets

Friendship bracelets ~ pretty but easily knotted, without beads. Colorful.

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  1. Karen hornsten says:

    I was pretty excited about this but my ipad showed no instructions. Will visit again on another computer.

  2. squeakie ledman says:

    i was also very excited to try this bracelet but i have no instructions either..maybe a problem with website?

  3. Fine Craft Guild says:

    Hi Karen & Squeakie,

    Aha… maybe iPad’s can’t show YouTube videos?? Tell me, if so, and I’ll investigate on how to go about that. Anyhow, THE VIDEO is a very clear demonstration on how to make this bracelet. No, there’s no problem with the website. Let me know if you can’t see the video, okay?!

  4. I’m not seeing a link to a video either. Would love to try this bracelet out.

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