Baby Bedroom Furniture: Crochet Rainbow Mobile

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free crochet pattern clouds rainbow mobile baby room decor

free crochet patterns.

Friend’s baby due in Winter? Let the sun shine in the baby bedroom anyway with this darling & sunny rainbow mobile. Easy to stitch up as it is made of simple shapes only. Beyond babies, this mobile is fun for young kids.

baby room rainbow mobile free crochet patterns

This baby or toddler bedroom mobile has 5 elements: 2 raindrops, a rainbow, a set of clouds and a sun shining happily behind it. Actually, this a perfect project for a beginning crocheter to learn a variety of basic shapes. I think the droplets are a darling shape. 

With the free crochet pattern you will be done in no time.


Design Wise

Ahem… not to sound too cloudy …, but I have to tell you that I think the hanging threads in this mobile don’t look so safe to me. So, I’d make double sure that the elements are not about to fall off, and that the mobile will stay out of a baby’s reach.

Never hang any homemade mobiles directly over a baby’s crib. Let’s face it: we amateur-toy-makers are just not trained in making super-safe toys. So, it is best to hang this mobile over a bookshelf, or over a baby changing table instead, where the baby will always be supervised. If a droplet with thread were to drop down onto the baby, well, mom will be right there to deal with any loose thread and cuddle with the baby.*


Free Crochet Patterns

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photo credit | pattern source : by Coats Crafts

* Disclaimer: If you use this pattern, you will hold both Rose and not liability for any consequences of any application of this toy for any age kids. You get my picture: this mobile is lovely but if your gift this to a (first-time) mom, add an ‘how to use it safely’ note, will ya?!

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  1. This reminds me of Carebears! Which is a good thing ;)

  2. The pattern for this crochet is gone. Does anyone please have it?

  3. Well, I have a copy of the pattern which I can email to you.

  4. Can you also send a copy to me please? I really love this pattern.
    Thanks already

  5. Tammy Fitzgerald says:

    Pls help!
    I’m trying ever so hard to find this rainbow mobile pattern but can’t find it anywhere!

  6. Could I PLEASE bother you to email me a copy of this also? I have two little bubs I would LOVE to make it for!! Thankyou!

  7. Hello,
    I would like to do this rainbow mobile, but I can’t find the pattern. Can someone send it to me by mail?? This is for a present.. Thanks in advance.

  8. Sure. Will do right now. ~ Rose

  9. Can I join the hordes of people asking for this pattern? I haven’t been able to find it anywhere! Thanks so much!

  10. Sure Amber. I sent you a private email.

  11. Hii, does anyone have the pattern that they could kindly email over to me please? My friend has just announced she’s pregnant so I’m hoping to make this as a gift to her :)

    Thank you in advance – Emma :) x

  12. ok. i’ll email it to you. ~ rose

  13. Could you please send this pattern to my email…..I have just joined and want to try this. Thank you.

  14. Rose:’Done!’

  15. Melissa Winterton says:

    Hi, I know im being cheeky but I would love to make this for a friends baby due in afew month. Could I ask you to send me the pattern aswell please?

  16. Sorry I have to bother someone about this, but could somebody email me the pattern? Thanks so much!

  17. PLEASE! Can you send me the directions as well :) Thanks.

  18. Its awsum .. loving d colors … cannot find the pattern plz plz help me… need it for my baby :(

  19. I just loved this rainbow mobile but I am not able to find the pattern..I would love to make one for my daughter ..from where can I get the pattern..??thank you..

  20. Plz sum1 mail me dis pattern…its fr my daughter..she loves it alrea

  21. Niv, Arva, Elina, Lisa and Petra, I just emailed you all the pattern. Enjoy!

  22. Please please please email me the pattern!!!! Need for a gift!!!

  23. Deborah Currin says:

    Have been searching for the crochet rainbow mobile. would love to make it for my daughter in law who is expecting her rainbow baby in the summer of 2015. Can you help me?

  24. jasmine braganza says:

    Does anyone have this pattern they can email me please? It’s the most beautiful mobile i’ve seen :-) thank you in advance. X

  25. Jasmine,
    It’s on my 2015 to do list to make a new pattern for a rainbow mobile. I will email you when it’s done, okay?! ~ Rose

  26. Jasmine,
    It’s on my 2015 to do list to make a new pattern for a rainbow mobile. I will email you when it’s done, okay?! ~ Rose

  27. Liz, as per my prior comment, I will create a new rainbow mobile pattern soon and post that instead.

  28. michelle harder says:

    Hello :) any chance I could get this beautiful pattern?

  29. Just sign up for the newsletter and you will get an autoresponder with the pattern and other patterns, after you click the link in the confirmation email. Look into ‘Promotions’ or ‘junk mail’ box as well as your main inbox for it!
    Kind regards,

  30. I tried to sign up for your newsletter via your link and I think maybe the link is dead..? Could you please sign me up for your newsletter and send me this pattern as well? Thank you!!!

  31. Hi Liz
    I just emailed you. I hope you can find your way to the link-up again. Unfortunately I can’t sign you up, as it’s a double-opt in newsletter signup (for your security), so only you can do it. But I sent you the pattern, I believe.

  32. Sharon Stubbs says:

    Hi, could I please have a copy of this pattern. I love it and have it in mind my freind who lost her baby last year & is due a rainbow baby this year!

  33. Hi,was able to see the pattern yesterday but can’t view it today! Would you be able to send it to me please?

  34. Sharon, I sent you a personal email to get the mobile. I’m sorry about your friend’s loss and it’s nice thatyou are going to make such an appropriate gift for her. BE SURE TO EXPLAIN SAFETY PROCEDURES set out in the text here to your friend! Safety first, cuteness second.

  35. Hi Sharon, I sent you a private message by email…~ Rose

  36. Marietta Foor says:

    I did sign up for your newsletter and did receive an e-mail to confirm the subscription which I did BUT when the web site came up and I found the pattern that I would like to have it tells me that I need to sign up for your newsletter to get the pattern. Can you help?

  37. Hi Marietta, I sent you a private message to clarify and help you.

  38. Hi there! I’m interested in obtaining this pattern. A little unsure of how to find it though.

  39. Hi Ashley… just join the mailing list. The link is in the right sidebar. That brings you a pop up and you can subscribe there. Let me know if that’s working for you. ~ Rose

  40. Hello,
    I would like to sign up for your newsletter via your link and I think the link is not working.
    Could you please send me the link to yours newsletter and send me this lovely pattern for the rainbow mobile.
    Thank you!

  41. Well, the link is working but hotmail ‘eats’ my email. It does this several times a day and it … is a great test on my tolerance and ability to stay calm in face of intense frustration. However, some people from hotmail are able to get the autoresponder apparently, so I am at a loss as to what exactly to do about it. If you have a non-hotmail/aol email address, please use that instead. Thanks you, Rose

  42. Hi Rose,
    I have done it with internet explorer and it has worked.I think the problem is with firefox.
    Maybe it is helpful for someone else in the future.
    thank you for all the templates and patterns I love them
    Have a lovely day

  43. Hi I have signed up as well and there is no link for the mobile. Can you send it me through email please? Thank you.

  44. It should be on the way to you. It’s an autorepsonder and the link is in there. Try your promotion folder it its not in your inbox. And be sure to scroll down in the long list of projects…

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