Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

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Anyone who likes the divinely simple DIY womens top – wrap cardigan should also have a look at this free crochet pattern which makes versatile infinity scarves.  Make both and combine them into a fashionable Fall outfit.


I’m saying ‘scarves (plural) as this is the time of the year to make a couple of scarves, for yourself and as Christmas gifts.



What’s so particular about this scarf design? Two things:

1.  The pattern makes your carves about 60” (150 cm) long. This long length allows you several different styling options, just like the ‘Bina’ wrap …. i.e.You can wear warm and snugly, going twice around your neck like a cowl. You can single look it but wear it over your head, sort of like a hoodie to cover it from wind.  Or go for a single loop, and have it drape like an elegant scarf.

2. The crochet pattern looks sophisticated, and dare I say, a bit difficult.The crochet design secret here is to cluster your stitches, which really isn’t difficult to do. Let me assure you, if you know how to double-crochet, you can do this too. There’s no real magic, just clustering the dc stitches. 

To bring you right into your comfort-zone. I have a video here for you, on how to do cluster stitches. Have a look at this first, before you reading on.


Crochet Clusters Made Easy :: Video Tutorial

Now that you have seen the general idea of how crochet clusters are made, have a look at the pattern for this shawl.

This scarf crochet pattern uses two different cluster stitches: a half cluster (hcl), and a full cluster (fcl).  The half cluster is worked into only one stitch, while the fcl is worked over two stitches. 

To crochet the fcl, you yarn over, insert your hook in the stitch from the row below, then yarn over and pull up your loop. You are doing this twice so you’ll have 5 stitches on your hook. Then, in the next indicated stitch, you yarn over, insert your hook in the st, yarn over and pull up the loop. Again, you are doing this twice, so that you will now have 9 loops on your hook. To complete the cluster, you yarn over and pull through 8 of the loops, and yarn over t pull through the last two loops.

For a hcl, you yarn over, insert your hook in the stitch from the row below, yarn over again, and pull up the loop. You are doing this twice, so that you will have five loops on your hook. Then you yarn over, and pull through four of the loops, yarn over again, and pull through the last two loops.

Ready to make the scarf? Get your yarn. You’ll need 355 yards worsted weight yarn, such as the Bernat Handicrafter Vintage Quilt yarn shown in the demo picture here.   Then, hop over to get the pattern.

photo credit | pattern : Moogly blog


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