I Love Yarn Day

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i love yarn day

Today is ‘World yarn day’. I love it! Yarn, that is. So I’m having a yarn about yarn today. I will feature the best crochet and knitting patterns on this blog, as well as sharing with you the best / favorite yarns in the market place. Let me start with my take on some of the yarns out there.


Best Yarn for Knitting & Crochet Patterns

1. Pure Luxury yarn that’s also good for the environment is this yarn: Patons Silk Bamboo Yarn.  It is a blend of silk and bamboo, comes in gorgeous colors and has a marvelous drape. A winner!

On top of it, I think it is rather inexpensive 2.2 ounces, 65 grams, 102 yards, 93 meters for just $3.68 (Yes, true, that’s the price you’ll get based on a 39% discount). Interested in some yarn luxury, then click the link.


organic cotton yarn2. The next best, or perhaps at par with #1 is this other super-soft cotton yarn, is Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton Yarn.

I bought my yarn in the very color shown here. While the color is called Almond, it is really a warm off-white.

I treat it like ‘precious gold’ in my yarn stash. None is to touch this yarn but me. It is 100% organic cotton, i.e without pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals.

Perfect for a baby’s touch and other sensitive skins. I’d call this yarn also very affordable, provided you buy it from the right vendor. This yarn goes for all sorts of prices. You can find Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton for as little as $4.30/skein here..


crochet patterns3. Next, because it is so funky is this yarn: Lion brand Chenille yarn. Are you familiar with it? Comes in gorgeous and also practical colors and color blends (check out ‘Opal ‘).

Nope this is not natural nor organic, it’s 75% Acrylic, 18% Polyester, 7% Nylon, and so it is best for crochet and knitting patterns for items that are not directly onto your sensitive skin.

Think if a super wonderful throw blanket, personal accessories that benefit from some yarn thickness like an iPad cover, or a cardigan/bolero (see picture) that you’d wear over a shirt.

4. ‘Forget’ mere ombre yarn, and go for this amazing Japanese Noro yarn: bulky yarns from wool or silk and wool blends (51% Silk 49% Wool) in an array of color schemes that knock your socks off. Guaranteed. This definitely will instill an ‘I want this response’. Gorgeous. I like this turquoise-orange-grey color blend of silk and wool, but there are many Noro yarns to choose from, all beautiful. Important to note is that this multicolor knitting yarn is perfect for felting.


Noro – Kureyon Knitting Yarn – Lime / Hot Pink / Orange (# 95)



5. This most versatile yarn is an all-around favorite by many knitters/crochet-lovers: Cotton Ease. What’s so good about it? It’s soft, versatile and ideal for making year-round garments and accessories. This half cotton, half acrylic worsted weight yarn combines the absorbency of cotton with the lightweight of acrylic. And it’s machine washable. At 188 m/ 207 yds. 100 grams, it sets you back $5.30/skein.

6. I know Vanna’s Choice Yarn is popular, but Rose’s choice instead of that yarn is this yarn: Lion Brand Amazing Yarn. The amazing yarn is  a wool-acrylic blend with a kaleidascope of colors in each skein.


OK. That’s it for my current favorite yarns that you can buy in the US. I have some local favorites here that are made with Italian wool and cotton, but sorry, no, you can’t have those unless you actually come over here.


Fun, Fab & Fave Knitting Book

And while we are talking about FAVORITE or best ….

If you are not already familiar with it,  have a look at this great knitting book:  ‘knit, Swirl! Uniquely Flattering, One Piece, One Seam Swirl Jackets; Foreword by Cat Bordhi ‘.

This knitting pattern book contains 18 designs by knitwear designer Sandra McIver. As per her trade-mark, the patterns flatter all figures.  Each pattern is based on the innovative ‘one piece, one seam’ circular construction she calls a “Swirl”. Using simple knitting techniques, she creates elegant sweater jackets in four dramatic silhouettes and three flexible sizes. Lavish photographs.





Now, as for the best crochet patterns and knitting patterns on this blog, visit:

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  1. You can never have enough yarn !

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