How to Make Paper Wreaths

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Have no wreath yet for your dinner party room? No problem. With this easy, super-fast tutorial you will make yourself one or more paper wreaths in literally 1/2 a hour. Best of all, you won’t need anything you don’t have in the house already.



So, what do you need to make wreaths like this?

* Scissors

* Sticky tape

* Cereal box or old cart board box

* 10 sheet of copy paper, gift wrapping or other decorative paper. Use the thin stuff, not the heavy weight ones.


Step-by-Step Instructions on Make Paper Wreaths

1.  Take of the box of your cereal box and cut it into a flat piece of cardboard (or, cut the side of one of your empty boxes in the garage, if you want larger wreaths. The one I used here is of a small, thin Ikea box that ‘s a tat larger than a standard size cereal box.

wreaths 2.  Place a plate onto the card board and draw a circle.  Within this circle, draw a smaller circle using a saucer. 

Use these circles as your guides to cut out a circle.   Adjust the inner and outer circle to get the exact size of wreath that you want.  Keep in mind that the leaves will go a bit inwards and a bit outwards, so that the base at the back should be a tat smaller. Allow for enough opening at the center.

3.  Now take your copy paper (or use the blank backs of scrap paper) and fold it in 6 equal parts.   First fold it in half, lengthwise, and then again in 3 equal parts.  Draw a simple leave shape, diagonally onto that square.

4. Cut out your first 6 leaves. Fold each leave in half and see if you like it. Adjust accordingly. Once you have a leave that you love, fold it flat again, and use that as a template for your remaining 9 pages.

5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for the remaining 9 pages of copy paper, using your favorite leave as a template.

6. Fold all leaves in half, and fold the bottom end of each leave.

7. Stick the leaves in a rather orderly fashion onto the base, 3 in a row: one in the direction of the wreath, one fanning outward, and one fanning inwards. Have a look at the wreath here to show what I mean.

8. In my wreath, one half of the wreath is very orderly, like the wreath at Sweet Paul,where the  other half is a tat more random, like the one of the Red Thread.  I wanted to show you the different effects here in one wreath.  When you make your wreath, choose 1 style for your whole wreath.  For best results, stand back from result early on, and assess where and how you need to make changes.


Required Time for this Wreath

Wreath-making is incredibly easy and fast, I made mine in less than 30 minutes. If you want to make this into a cozy Christmas craft, and serve tea and cookies half way, well, then, allow for an hour or so.

The craft is so easy, it can easily be done with kids. A 4 or 5-year old child can help you by handing you the leaves while you stick them on. A 6-year-old let them cut the pieces of sticky tape. A bit older kids can make the whole wreath on their own, perhaps with some supervision. as a Christmas gift for grandma.

Tip: I personally think the wreath looks far superior if you work in one direction.



Time for the final touches. Look at your wreath from a distance to see which way should be UP. Then, punch a hole at the base.

Ribbon it up! Cut off about 50-75 cm of interesting ribbons which complements the color & style of your wreath, or choose a gorgeous Christmas ribbon to finish it off.


christmas ribbons ribbonsribbons


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  1. This is cute and looks easy. I am featuring this at

  2. This is just so cute!

  3. Fine Craft Guild says:

    Tammy, it’s sooo easy to make, that I am expecting you’ll make one tomorrow.
    Actually, I want to make a mini-version of it, and use it as a Lauren wreath, on a graduation card…
    Could of course also be used in a scrapbooking page layout.

  4. Fine Craft Guild says:

    Oh Great! Thank you for featuring this. Wow. I shall brag about this!! ;-)

  5. Love this! I’m an art teacher, I might try this with my kids!!

  6. Fine Craft Guild says:

    You will love it. It’s so easy, AND looks amazingly beautiful.

    Btw. TIP: to make the wreath more durable, do use glue rather than only sticky tape. I had to redo my wreath from last year as all the sticky tape had lost its stickiness.

    Merry Christmas!


  7. Love this too!! I’m going to try this with my kids at school. Thanks for sharing this simple tutorial!

  8. Kortney, it will be a GREAT project for school!! As all you need is copy paper, cardboard and sticky tape. Kids can work in teams of 2 or 3, cutting shapes, folding them, making little sticky tape pieces and sticking the leaves on. Super fun. You can get your classroom whole wall decked out for the season. Oh, please, DO SEND IN SOME (pretty) pictures, will you, for the blog. Ok if the kids’ faces are not in the pictures, but maybe hands are ok, and of course, the final product! I would love to add these to the blog, if that’s possible.

    Kind regards,

  9. Lori m, says:

    Very Pretty! This will make beautiful holiday gifts.

    Lori m

  10. That is so lovely and I love wreaths! This one must be my new favorite! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration, have a happy day Rose.

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