How to Knit in the Round (3 videos)

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Given that many gorgeous knitting projects use this knitting method, we need to learn how to knit in the round. Let’s try … Today!??

Here are three knitting videos which clearly demonstrate how this is done.

You’ll see that you’ll need four or five double-pointed needles to work with for the first method, and a long round needle for the second method.


How to Knit in the Round, Using Double Pointed Needles – Setup

The first knitting video explains how to set up such a round knitting project.





Knitting in the Round Using Double Pointed Needles – Tips and Hints


This second knitting video gives tips and hints for knitting in the round and encourages you to make a test piece to measure your gauge.




Knitting in the Round Using a Long Round Needle – Setup



Knitting Needles

knittingintheroundYou’ll see that you’ll need four or five double-pointed needles to work with for the first project.


These knitting needles are usually made of bamboo, such as these: 7" Double Point Bamboo Knitting Needles 14 Sets of 5 Pieces per set (70 pieces in total)

When you click on this link you’ll find a set here for a low price with a 100% money back guaranty.



how to knit in the round knitting needles The other needle mentioned here is a round needle such as the round needles shown here. You usually buy a set of different sizes so you get to use them for a variety of knitting projects:

This is a good set of round needles, in case you wish for a recommendation:
40" Inch Circular Premium Bamboo Knitting Needles by StitchBerry – 15 Set Collection



OK. That’s enough knitting info now. Get some yarn, get some needles and, now that you know how to knit in the round, start knitting!

“Experimentation is the grandmother of invention” (quote by Rose)

In the Round Knitting Projects

Free Knitting patterns: Easter Eggs fun and easy project, made with 4 small double-pointed needles.

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