How to Crochet Front Loops, Video Tutorial

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Many people have asked me for help with the crochet grass mat (see picture), so I thought to look into it.

Crochet Grass Mat

I have to say, the pattern instructions are confusing, if you are not familiar working with ‘back loops only’ or ‘front loops only’. As a picture tells a thousand words, I’m opting to share a video with you that addresses the issues.



Free Video Crochet Tutorials

These crochet tutorial videos demonstrate how to crochet loops, in the front loop only (fl) or in the back loop only (bl) of your work as called for in certain crochet patterns.

If you don’t see the video above, click here. A reader just alerted me to another crochet loop video tutorial: and I think it is another really clear demo. Have a look at both.


I hope this video enlightened and inspired you all!

Happy crocheting!

If you still have any more questions, leave them in the comments below and I might just be inspired to make a video of my own, to demonstrate how this particularbathroom or bedroom mat is to be made.

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  1. Linda Bedson says:

    I am currently making this rug. It is coming out great, except I am not really following the instructions exactly. I couldn’t figure out how to do the return row (row 3), and somewhere I read that the instructions were wrong, that you just single crochet back, and just keep repeating row 2 and single crochet back, and it looks beautiful. I did not know how to do a loop stitch but found a video on line somewhere. I haven’t cut my loops yet, but I am almost finished and it is a beautiful rug. I may try it in other colors. You will have to unwind the last skein of chunky grass yarn into two balls to finish the rug, otherwise the yarn quantities are fine. They seem off, but the skeins have different lengths of yarn on them. Hope this helps. I fell in love with this rug when I saw the photo and had to make it.

  2. Fine Craft Guild says:

    Thank you so much, Linda. I shall incorporate your response in the pattern, so others can benefit from your experience.

  3. I can follow everything but I’m not sure with one I have to cut to create the grass…!

  4. After crocheting I am not sure what I have to cut to create the grass. Help!

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