Country Cottage Interior Design Features (party 18)

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:: 18th Edition ‘TIME FOR A PARTY’ :: Check these featured Interior Designs. They are the pick-of-the-crop of Last week’s DIY party. I am featuring two stunning projects. Be inspired. Like my choice? Have a look!


The features are case studies, rather than DIY projects to follow step-by-step. Examine the details to understand why these country cottage interior designs work so well. I’ll help you analyze the first interior design project (living room), and you get to look at the second one (kitchen) on your own.


Interior Design Feature 1: Country Cottage Living Room

Spectacular !
(DIY home decor extra-ordinaire)

country cottage

Betsy Speert at blogspot with ‘Country cottage living room’ (

Some people are just REALLY good at decorating, and Betsy Speert is one of them. I mean, have a look at this picture. This is a darling county cottage, right? Wrong. This is a condo, where a home-décor- nymph resides who transformed it into this:

  • Teal blue and white as dominant country cottage color scheme.
  • Wooden paneling on the wall and ceiling (were plain before)
  • Wooden faux-beams, to cozy things up
  • Faux-window on the right in picture.
  • This ‘window’ balances the wall and creates symmetry. A mirror in the window frame does the trick of bringing light in the corner, and making the window look real.
  • * 2-tone display cabinet.
  • The interior color of the cabinet warms up the room, and note how the curtains and the exterior of the cabinet offer the same vertical lines, creating a nice color rhythm in the room. The wooden paneling of the cabinet look like ‘stable doors’, somehow, someway (helped by the giant horse above it).
  • * adorable horse
  • * romantic flower pillows (but not too frilly)
  • * attention-grabbing ottoman with unique trim, in the same color blue as the cabinet exterior and the curtains.
  • * gigantic floor carpet onto antique pine floor.
  • The colors, the wood, the furnishings and the decorations: everything fits together ‘just so’.
  • A 10 out of 10 in my book. Well done, and lucky Betsy, as she gets to live in it.

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