Happy Valentines Day – Pretty Cursive Letters

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Hello dear readers: Happy Valentines Day to you all !  What I have for you here are gorgeous cursive letters ::  



Print ‘m and Modpodge ‘m onto some card stock and voila. Instant card that’s just perfect.

Now would it not be nice if you could add your own private message on the inside of your card??!!

If you too want to learn how write cursive with gorgeous calligraphy letters like this, I can highly recommend you the  online calligraphy workshop I’m taking. It’s fabulous. 

It makes me want to have 11 days in a week because I want to be good at it and just write curl after curl, all day long. Never knew that writing cursive could be so fun and creative!  Melissa, the creative soul who wrote the online course has a really nice voice in all the videos and it’s a liking at first sight. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of calligraphy sparks an ‘Ok. Let me try it ’ – response. 

Great gift. For you, your Valentine, your mother, your brother, and for sure, you kids, as it’s becoming clear to me that none of the kids can barely write cursive letters in school.  Check it out, but be warned: her passion for calligraphy is contagious! 


If you haven’t bought a special gift for your loved one yet: gift the gift of gorgeous cursive lettering.

image credit: lisahallwilson.com

My Valentines Day

Beyond this free calligraphy vignette & a little plug for Melissa’s course, no long & post from me here today. I’m busy celebrating, in case you wonder about my personal Valentine’s Day:

This morning I was pleasantly surprised with coffee in bed, rose and chocolate. This is not a tradition for my hubby… It was truly a surprise. A HUGE surprise. To far, the rest has been a very happy day so far as well. Perhaps one of my luckiest Valentine days… and well, there is also this evening. No vegan recipes for me tonight: I’m making my darling rabbit with exquisite wine. Not sure if that is the thing to do in the Valentine etiquette book, but he loves it. So, it’s been decided.   I’m enjoying the day.

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