Halloween Costume Accessories: Spider Web Headpiece

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With 101 Halloween costumes (patterns, where to buy & matching ideas) in our Halloween Central, I hardly feel like you need another complete costume idea…

But maybe you’d like some inspiring accessories for Halloween costumes, beyond the ones already posted here. Like for example this handy dandy DIY spider in a web headpiece.

What do you think? It looks quite elegant on, I feel.


halloween costumes

photo credit : El hade de papel

How to make this Spider web costume accessory is quite simple.

Craft Supplies

The craft supplies for this Halloween costume crafts project: craft or jewelry wire, jewelry pliers, white or grey yarn, a foam ball with a bit of black paint, a large black bead and 2 white seed beads, and 2 long jewelry pins.


Step-by-Step Tutorial Instructions

  1. Measure the desired diameter of your web and add halloween spider costume1/2 and inch for the curls on either side.
  2. Cut this desired length 3 times, and curl all the ends a bit, for prettiness and safety.
  3. Starting at the center, work either with the yarn or with a lighter, highly ply-able wire around each spoke of the web, making a loop around each spoke, and keeping the distance between the spokes even. Go around in spiral manner till your web is complete. Tip: check the web halfway to see how it would look on. Make adjustments as needed.
  4. Bend the web slightly to make it hug more around your head.
  5. Attach it to a neutral colored hairband.


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