Curly Grosgrain Ribbon for Valentines Day Wreaths

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Something nifty today:
Curly grosgrain ribbon!
So cute!


I happen to fancy doing this today. Besides making darling wreaths with them, curled grosgrain ribbon is ideal to embellish a bunch of creative projects I’m working on. You need ribbon too?

How to Curl Grosgrain Ribbon

grosgrain ribbon

The traditional recipe of baking curls has been around for ages:

  • wrap ribbon around long pin & secure,
  • soak in water,
  • sprits starch
  • bake in oven for 1/3 hr. 
  • and VOILA: a mountain of curly grosgrain ribbons.


curly ribbon
Doesn’t that look tidy?

Ode to Nikki !!

Nikki, In Stitches, explains how to make curly grosgrain ribbon in some more details on her blog, Nikki in Stitches, and then shows how to make your ribbon into whimsical Valentines Day Wreaths.

grosgrain ribbon wreaths

In one word: adorable.

Image credit: Nikki’s.



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  1. totally cute and different from all the others I’ve seen.

  2. You did a very nice job on the wreath. I am not into that kind of thing anymore, but certainly enjoy seeing what others do.

  3. Oh I love, love, love that wreath. Never seen one done with grossgrain ribbon.

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