Gift Idea: Free App for Cookie Lovers

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I am traditionally not a gadget-gal. However, I guess I have become quite a digital gal. And so, I use my iPhone and/or Kindle (whatever is at hand) in the kitchen every day. MOSTLY for recipes.

This brings me on to the topic of the day. I just found the perfect gift idea for cookie lovers: fabulous new Martha Stewart app for your iPhone or iPad. It brings you an mouthwatering assortment of 60 favorite cookies. With it, you’ll have the recipes all right there at hand. There are instructional videos, baking tips, shopping lists. You can even sort the cookie recipes by flavor.

Get her a gift that keeps on giving, i.e. a wonderful digital device like an iPad or iPhone, and load her newly purchased device with the Martha Stewart Cookies app.

This cookie recipe app is FREE for a limited time. A super-great way to personalize these digital gadgets!

martha stewart cookie iPhone app

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Cookie cutters can be used for more than just making cookies. They are a prime tool for creating festive holiday decorations. I’ll show you how to use them cutters creatively tomorrow.

image credit: martha stewart


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  1. there’s an app for that!?!

    hope you’ll find a moment to stop by (if you haven’t already!) and enter a giveaway i am hosting which seems right up your alley.

    smiles and happy weekend to you.


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