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Last year I made a list of Handmade Gifts for Her and this year I’m going to add a few gift making ideas.

As today is ‘Tote Bag Monday’, I want to share this great Gardeners Tote Bag ( free quilting pattern). While it is definitely a ‘Bag for Her’ in terms of the colors chosen here, it equally could be added to the list of Handmade Gifts for Him by swapping the pretty pastel flowers for hefty charcoal gray and black striped fabric. Easy.


Key Features of this Gardener’s Tote Bag

  • Great quilting idea of swirling and swirling, that all sewing machines can handle. It’s easy, so it’s good for beginners.
  • Right-sized pockets that just fit garden tools
  • Extra sturdy handles that are placed on the small sides of the bag, allowing you really to carry bulky weights.
  • Fully lined, so your gardening friend (or mom) could easily use this to put her box with cookies and a thermos in here. However, place a plastic bag in it, this bag could help haul heavy gardening tools from A to B.
  • Yes, washable. (on that: unless you use recycled textile for this bag, be sure to wash (and pre-shrink) your new cottons.


garden quilted tote bag free sewing pattern



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Bag Designer / Image credit: Alissa Haight Carlton, a happy quilter in LA, who wrote this highly recommended quilting book, Modern Minimal: 20 Bold & Graphic Quilts.


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  1. Hey,

    I love this pattern and would like to make them for Christmas as toiletry bags instead. I’ve been looking for larger bags with pockets on the side and I think this would be perfect.


  2. Nevermind, I found it!!

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