Free Pattern Ruffle Skirt (Anthropologie like)

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The ruffle season is not over, oh no, not yet.  This adorable Anthopologie ruffle skirt is great for the festive season, Amber from Ruffles and Roses is offering a free sewing pattern to make it, and I love featuring both.

Ruffle Skirt Patterns

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Free Ruffle Skirt Sewing Pattern

Let me give you the summary here. Amber altered an existing A-line skirt and added the ruffles.   This is easiest.





The actual ruffling is easy as 1 2 3:


1.      skirt_ruffle12

Add the ruffle all around the skirt. Take a strip of 1 1/2 times the circumference of the skirt hem, of about 3” height (dept on how long you want the ruffles to be.). Allow 1/2” for the seam.  Sew on the base ruffle (in the image, the blue one)

Next, take a strip of .75 x the circumference of the skirt hem, also of about 3” height. Starting at the mid front of the skirt, sew on the ruffle to half of the skirt, about 1.75” or a bit higher above the blue ruffle.  Use a lighter colored fabric for contrast.


2.     skirt_ruffle3

Add the third layer of ruffle, of the same material as your overall skirt, and when you pin it, tilt it up so that the white ruffle shows.


3.     skirt_ruffle4Skirtpattern_rufflesandroses

Add the fourth layer of ruffles, of the same material as your lining, or bottom ruffle.

The length of this ruffle should be about 1 x the circumference of the whole skirt hem. It should start in front of the right knee and then wrap around the front toward the back.

Source | More Info regarding making this skirt

For more info regarding making this skirt, visit Ruffles & Roses; Original design & Image skirt on display:

BTW. R&R has lots of free patterns, a site well worth visiting!


  1. Beautiful. If I had a body for this skirt, I would want it. Terry

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