Free Knitting Pattern: Tuxedo Jacket Sweater Dress

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Free Tuxedo Jacket Sweater Dress:

Join my daily newsletter if you wish to download this free knitting pattern. The jacket comes from the knitting design book “Twinkle’s Big City Knits” by Wenlan Chia (adapted version, LA Angeles Times).

free jacket knitting pattern

Get the pattern: look at the top right of this page & complete the newsletter sign up. You’ll get a confirmation email in the mail. Click the confirmation link in that email. Then, you will automatically be sent a long list of various patterns and projects, including this one.
(ps i have noticed that yahoo/hotmail & companies with firewalls have overactive spam filters which ‘eat up’ autoresponders. So, sign up from home, with a gmail or other email account, and be patient. Sometimes mail servers take a few hours. We sent it out the very second that you confirm you are you, but you may get it minutes or even an hour or more later. That’s how the internet works around the world.)

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  1. The link to the Tuxedo Jacket Sweater does not seem to be working…

    note by admin FineCraftguild: NOW RESOLVED.

  2. Patricia Savior says:

    I am a subscriber to your newsletter, and I would appreciate it if you would email me the following patterns.
    1. tuxedo jacket sweater, and 2. the Luu Chan wrap bracelet

    Thank You,

  3. sandra cruchinho says:

    Thanks for sharing such wonderfull ideas, works… Your site has been very inspiring.
    However, today i couldn’t find the tuxedo’s free pattern available. Can you help me please? Thank you!

  4. Fine Craft Guild says:

    Ahh, iIwish that all our readers would write nice comments like that and ask us so nicely for patterns. I’ll email you directly with the lin okay?

  5. I love the sweater. May I have the free pattern. Sorry, but I’ve not been able to figure out where to find it.

  6. Kathyunique says:

    I’m usually able to figure out how to get to the free pattern,but not tonight…too late I guess. Love the variety of craft ideas thanks!

  7. A very stylish cardigan – many thanks for sharing it with us.


  8. Jessica Ring says:

    I would love a copy of the pattern!


  9. Hi there, I have signed up for the newsletter (look forward to getting it!) but I can’t seem to access the pattern?

  10. Hi, I’d also love it if you could please send me the pattern for this lovely sweater!!! Thank you!

  11. Hi, I like this pattern can u pretty please share this I love the style.

  12. Haii, would you mind emailing me the free pattern for this please :)

  13. Hi, can you please Email the free tuxedo sweater pattern. It looks so cozy yet fun.

  14. I would like this pattern as well, I do t see a link for it.

  15. Hi there, I too am having problems with the tux pattern, please advise.
    Thanks sharon x

  16. Hello! I love this tuxedo cardi…how can i get the free pattern? How can i sign up for the newsletter? Thank you in advance!

  17. Oh geeh. Sorry, I know it is not super clear, but if you click that grey box with text on it on the top right of each page, you’ll get a popup signup form. After you click the link in the confirmation email to join my newsletter, an autoresponder will automatically shoot your way, and it will contain ALL the patterns in my private library, all beautiful ideas. You’ll love it. Hope this helps, Alina.

  18. I saw this pattern in the book. The patterns there are made for tiny models. The largest I saw fit a 33 inch bust, down to something like 25. It is obvious the designer made them to fit her skinny models and not a normal woman. Did you adjust this pattern so it is usable? I’d love to make it but I haven’t had a 33 inch bust since I was 12! thanks.

  19. Oh, Wendy, you are putting a bit of a challenge out there. The thing is, I am not convinced yet that it will be as flatter for a bigger bust. Did you look at the other patterns on site? ~ Rose

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