Free Gift Tags (set 2)

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2. Who says that gift tags always have to be rectangular? Forget it. These fun shapes are way better. To print tags, click the image.

happy holidays gift tags

Note: click this image for the UPDATED LINK. These gift tags were so popular … ran out of downloading bandwidth! Wow!! Get yours today!

By Moms Crafty Space

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  1. I love these tags, but it won’t let me download the file. This is the message that comes up: “The user hosting this content is out of bandwidth. If this is your file please upgrade to add more bandwidth credits to your account. Call Sales at 1-877-729-4269 for more information.”

  2. Rose: responded by email.

    Let me explain that message:
    The FineCraftGuild link goes out to a place where there are lots of files for download. You are trying to download from there at a time it is very busy. This is a popular free pattern! Simply try again later, like, just before you brush your teeth, rather than on Sunday afternoon prime time.

  3. Jenni Nolan says:

    I get an error when trying to download this?? The same error as the previous comment. Help please.. Thank you

  4. Hi Jenni. See my other reply. Just be patient, try again. You obviously are not the only person liking these free downloads!

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