Free Font: Moonshiner

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Font designer Mattox Shuler just released a new font, and I think it’s a keeper. Just what we need for the new year: no nonsense, clarity, and elegance.   As it is mostly an uppercase typeface, I’m considering it for blog and document titling.  What do you think? Are you in need of a good ‘everyday’ font also? Like this?


photo credit :  Mattox  ::  free font : Moonshiner-New-Free-Typeface



Next week, I’ll show you another free font, just for Valentines Day… with lots of hearts darting around the letters.


  1. Hi Rose, that font is absolutely a keeper! yes a new year with new vibes, and this one is so cool. Thank you for the tip. Hope you’re going to have beautiful day and weekend, and looking forward to the valentine font, uh love hearts :-)

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