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Digital card making and scrapbooking on the ease: here’s just the perfect Valentines font for you.  It’s loaded with hearts, without being frilly. Just what you need for your guy! Perfect. Designed this font specifically for Valentines Day. Jules’s a firm believer in making your own Valentines Cards, and so are we. She is highly inspired by Keith Haring, which I’m sure you can see.

Write one word and print your card template, or write a poem and mail it in an envelop. It’s up to you.

Here’s the free downloadable font for you: Jules Love



Here’s a free downloadable Valentines Day card, I just made for you. (don’t tell me I don’t love you!)   Print, fold, sign.  Add a Valentines Gift, and you’re good to go.

I think it could be cool to embroider the letters… Just a thought…

(Or, if you are a talented scrapbooker, you cut the various pieces (there’s a third image there) and paste these onto nice card stock, and add color, ribbons and other doodles. Keep that Keith Haring-minimalist style though. It’s becoming!


Valentines Greeting Card ~ front view and inside view:


Both card and font are for non-commercial use only.

More Ideas for …

VALENTINES DAY (cards, gifts, decor, crafts, recipes, etc.)

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  1. So lovely indeed, thank you so much for the printables! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi there, I am the creator of Jules Love font – could you please change the link as the official download page (with the proper terms of use) is from my site only, I’d really appreciate if it you’d do this please because I prefer people to only download them from my official site, thanks. <3 Art Saves Lives!

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