Free Butterfly Craft Ideas & Tutorials

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Spring, that annual period of transformation. So, I thought it’s time to work with a symbol that marks ‘transformation’ like no other symbol does: the butterfly. We ALL need butterflies. To create ‘how to’s for my craft readers, I’ve collected and developed ideas and free craft tutorials, stencils, templates, plus other design tools~ of use for a range of crafts from embroideries to art journals.

Be inspired and create a magnificent transformation in your life, through art. Here are lots of ideas, but I’d like to see your projects as well! Surprise me!

Butterfly Craft Ideas & Tutorials

Free Butterfly Craft Ideas & Tutorials: CROCHET BUTTERFLY

This is my latest creation:
Crochet Butterfly Granny Square - Butterfly Craft Ideas and Tutorials -
Butterfly Granny Square Crochet Pattern
(The first 35 copies of the pattern were free. It’s now available for just a few dollars.)

Free Butterfly Craft Ideas & Tutorials: PAINTING

Andy Warhol used to be an illustrator before he became famous for his bright colored prints. Here are three of his works, as inspiration. You can buy any of these online here: Andy Warhol’s 3 painting styles of butterf;ies

Buy at Buy at Buy at

Free Butterfly Craft Ideas & Tutorials: BUTTERFLY QUILT PATTERN

coming soon.

Free Butterfly Craft Ideas & Tutorials: ORIGAMI

how to draw make an origami butterfly

Free Butterfly Craft Ideas & Tutorials: DRAWING

how to draw a checker spot butterfly how to draw a butterfly at an angle Buy at

Three ideas on how to draw a butterfly and make a beautiful design! Combine them and you’ve got a personal winning design.

Free Butterfly Craft Ideas & Tutorials: PAPER CRAFT

Pop-up cards, stamping, quilling, scrapbooking… and more:

  • Butterfly Pop-up Card
  • Mixed media painting/collage – for inspiration
  • Unique butterfly stamp – tool for purchase
  • Contemporary Butterfly tree – for inspiration
  • 100 butterflies paper punch outs – tool for purchase
  • Photo frame elegantly decorated with butterflies – for inspiration
  • Butterfly Wish Card – also for inspiration
butterfly collage butterfly collage
butterfly stamp butterflytree1.jpg

Free Butterfly Craft Ideas & Tutorials: ART JOURNAL WITH BUTTERFLIES

Since personal journals are all about personal transformation, I believe that butterflies are the perfect embellishment for regular or art journal covers.

Free Butterfly Craft Ideas & Tutorials: BUTTERFLY CRAFTS FOR KIDS

butterfly zipper brooch
Years ago I made this Butterfly Zipper Brooch when visiting my mom. She used to be a seamstress and had tons of ‘rescued’ zippers from old pants. I gave this one a new life by shaping it into a butterfly and using it as a butterfly brooch.

  • img src=”” alt=”free kid craft idea spring” width=”450″ height=”338″ align=”left” />Caterpillar design project that trains the fine motoric skills of 5 year old. Helps with coordination, and useful as a pre-butterfly making exercise to learn the process of transformation. Can be embellished or simplified to adjust to time availability and age group. (see image below)
  • Free Butterfly Craft Ideas & TutorialsButterfly wing – face painting – free video tutorial (beautiful)
  • Tip: The package of freebies that you’ll receive when you sign up for our newsletter (see top right of page for newsletter signup details) includes an illustrated butterfly lesson plan for children.

    Free Butterfly Craft Ideas & Tutorials: EMBROIDERED

    • Embroidered butterfly by (no pattern, just for inspiration.
    • Fun butterfly purse

    butterfly heart pillow butterfly_purse1.jpg

    Free Butterfly Craft Ideas & Tutorials: QUILTING

    Free Sampler Quilt Workshop

    Photo credit:

    Free Butterfly Craft Ideas & Tutorials: HOME DECOR

    blackboard butterfly set felt butterfly lamp butterfly wallpaper
    • Set of mini chalkboards – for inspiration
    • Butterfly lamp in felt (can see variations on this in pink, red, violet… rather than white) – for inspiration
    • Butterfly Wall Art -for inspiration/for purchase



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    3. Thanks for a fabulous post full of inspiration and ideas, butterflies are just so charming, they add a bit of whimsy to your day.

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