Fourth of July Party Decorations – Hand-painted Napkins

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Make yourself a unique table setting for your 4th of July party.


Fourth of July Party Decorations

If you’re inspired by our 5 mouthwatering recipes for your fourth of July party, then, perhaps you’d like to bring up your outdoor table setting a notch as well with these hand-decorated Fourth of July napkins.

Making these napkins is a cool crafts for kids (i.e. older kids like teens and tweens!) Everyone can help making this 4th of July a great success.

‘‘Painting’ fireworks or flowers onto napkins with bleach is not for little kids. In fact, you should keep bleach out of their reach. However, letting them use old white napkins and draw on them with regular markers in red and blue will be a fun little kids crafts alternative.

>Fourth of July Party Decorations - Hand-painted Napkins -


How to Paint with Bleach:

You can use all kinds of objects. If you use the eraser at the back of a pencil you get a nice regular dot. Different dot sizes can be achieved by using different size erasers. (Tip: use your pencil sharpener to reduce the size of one of your pencil-top erasers). And most importantly, look over your craft supplies for alternatives.

Fourth of July Party Decorations - Hand-painted Napkins -

Alternative Shapes for Fourth of July napkins for little kids:

Playdoh star shapes could be fun too. Same techniques: either dip them in bleach or trace the shapes with markers.

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

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